How to file a police report in Shanghai, China if got stolen or robbered
May 2, 2006 20:12
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A friend of mine got robbered in Shanghai last month. The stuff he got stolen are covered by his home owner's warranty. In order to get reimbursed, he need to file a police report, anybody know how to and where to do that?

May 2, 2006 22:10
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Sounds like what happened was a residential burglary, and not a “robbery” ??

In either case, I would file a report at the closest district Police Office/Station in the neighborhood in which the crime occurred. This should have been done soon after the crime was discovered. Time is always of the essence, in trying to ascertain who the perpetrator was. If possible, provide very accurate descriptions of the merchandise, as well as serial numbers (if applicable) as well as replacement value or purchase receipts and be fully prepared to answer all of the officer’s detailed questions of date, time, location, etc. Be prepared to also answer the question, as to why you are waiting some weeks, to notify the police ??

Feb 6, 2018 08:42
GUEST56216 I got robbed also from an nice Vietnam working girl her Name was Dao Quynh Giang born 08. 04. 1986 in Hai Phong, she working in Judy`s Tongren Road 142, Shanghai.
She played the poor girl what get cheat from husband and have an very hard life because nobody helps her. The truth is she only wants money for love to support her family including her husband in Vietnam like all the other girls in Judy`s or other Bars around.
Jun 16, 2018 03:06
GUEST70161 One chinese lady come to me and took me to the one building's 7th floor by saying good and chip shopping where few guys robbed me. They taken my all cash and on gun point they used my debit card. This happened in people's square - shanghai.
Jun 16, 2018 20:33
GUEST11335 Be carful when you ride on Shanghai subway. Last night I got robbed, someone tooked my iPhone from my purse, and it was inmidiatly turned off, find my iPhone application still pending until is turn on again. The Chinese government control very well your access to internet, but they cannot control the sticky fingers for the tourists belonging.
Dec 16, 2018 08:20
GUEST51123 just became a victime of a scam...640€ from my debit card...people were very to Nanjin road..
I got realy scared...3 chinese around me punching...I negotiated 50% of 60%off to 5000 yuan...pfff I will never ever come here careful and I can tell you this after 20 years of travelling the globe
Dec 24, 2018 00:13
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Very strange, why so many crimes exposed in such a short period? Even rob a common Chinese could be a serious case, to a foreigner is unimaginable... Foreigners have high respects in Chinese society (though we don't think its fair as common Chinese citizen), and the polices often pay more attentions on the cases related with foreigners, if the crime happened, please report to the nearest police station, if not, please stop spreading fake news.

Welcome any tourist to read annual crime report from international organization before starting out, You would know why China has a such low crime rate, especially in the large cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, anyway, hope all of you have a safe, comfort and fulfill journey in China.
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