Canadian maple leaf school in Dalian
Aug 12, 2008 09:25
GUEST29135 i am a student in Maple Leaf School ,sorry to tell you that there isn't a dorm for parents in the campus, but i heared that an american school in Jinshitan Dalian could provide flates for parents,you'd better to check the school websites
Aug 22, 2008 16:29
GUEST12411 As a former teacher there I would definitely not recommend it!! Appearances can be deceiving! I had to stop working there after witnessing the numerous ways students are neglected an education equal to the high cost of tuition. This company is a greedy entity that lines its own pockets and does not work towards the best interests of the students or staff. There is an American school in Dalian that I have heard good things about from staff that work there and students who have transferred from our school.
Sep 9, 2008 04:41
GUEST42673 I'm a graduate student of Dalian Maple Leaf High School class 2006, I studied there for 4 years, from Grade 9.

To be honest, its curriculum has much less variations than that of real American or Canadian schools. However, compared to those of local Chinese schools, it definitely is more lively and has more extra-curriculum activities.

The high school campus is surrounded by ocean and located in the Golf resort area, so there is little to do around there. Also it is a boarding school, so students would be expected to live on campus. In some exceptional cases, such as for foreign students who live close by from the campus, are allowed to commute to school everyday if you apply. I lived on campus but I had a few friends (one Danish, one American, one Israli) who lived in Kaifaqu, which is a 20 min ride on the Qing-gui train.
Students who live on campus are allowed to go off campus on the weekends for a certain amount of hours.

There is a teachers' residential area right by the campus and it's very spacious and cozy. For families of the students, I wouldn't recommend to live around that area, there is no shopping malls whatsoever. Most families live in Kaifaqu or Dalian city. The school does not provide for housing for the families, so you better start looking for a suitable apartment/house now.

As for tuition, it is quite costly for living in China. If my memory serves right, it was about 100,000 RMB for the whole highschool years. This does not include food, uniform or transportation. Only covers for tuition, textbooks and housing.
That is why the school is also known as "The royal's school" by the locals. Don't say you are going to Maple Leaf unless you are ok with being ripped off.

One thing I liked about Maple Leaf is the PE classes. There is a beautiful soccer field and a small field hockey rink, tennis court and in the gym building they had a gym room, basketball court, ping-pong room and a shower room. Although I think the gym room and shower room was only available for the teachers.

I hope my info helped.
Jan 22, 2009 04:35
I'm a student from Maple leaf. IF you got any questions about the school, just email me!
glad to help!|f.frances
Jun 12, 2009 12:14
GUEST03227 My dad is a librarian at the school and I go there to visit quite frequently. Dalian is a beautiful part of China. The school is about 45 minutes outside of Dalian in Jin Shi Tan (at the end of the Chingway/Skytrain). There is a beautiful theme park there (like Disneyland), great golf, wonderful beach, and a superburb western style restaurant "Susan's Pizza"! (my dad owns it). LOL If you want information on the city or the school, email me and I can give you more.|me_again_meighen

Jul 15, 2009 23:28
GUEST26926 Helloooo. Im Student of that school !!! And im from Mongolia .... Maybe i can help u .... Just ask me what u need
Oct 14, 2009 07:45
GUEST65201 the school is too crazy to separate boys and girls...
Oct 5, 2010 19:03
GUEST83439 Is it possible for a Chinese, who has been living Canada for five years and working at public schools as an EA (Education Assistant) for 3 years in Victoria Canada, to find a decent job in Maple Leaf School?
Apr 13, 2011 22:55
GUEST21182 I am looking to teach at the Maple Leaf School in Dalian and am wondering what the on-campus teacher apartments are like. I understand that "furnished" does not include cutlery, bedding, etc. but does it include a tv and a phone? Also, on average, how much did these aparements cost?
May 2, 2011 21:10
GUEST14760 Most of the teachers are quitting because of the new principal who has serious issues. It used to be a good school but its been ruined and they cant keep teachers for more than a year and a lot leave before the year is up -- a very abusive situation for teachers, especially female ones
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