Is it advisable to visit Pingyao alone?
Jun 5, 2006 12:05
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Can anyone give me some advice about traveling to Pingyao. I am currently staying with a friend in Xi'an and I'm looking into the possibility of going to Pingyao. If I go I will be traveling alone, I am a foreign tourist, it's my first visit to China and do not speak more than a few words of Chinese. My friend advises me not to travel there alone since he does not know the town or how well it caters to foreign tourists. I'd just like to know if anyone knows the city well and can tell me whether it is indeed a bad idea for me to travel there alone. From all the information I've read it looks like an amazing place and I'd love to visit but at the same time I dont want to subject myself to any unreasonable amount of risk.

Jun 5, 2006 20:15
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I think you can visit Pingyao alone.I just saw many foreigners traveled alone in Beijing or in China.

Do you have a guide book?Like LP,it is a good one!Pingyao is a nice place,go ahead!
Jun 5, 2006 21:15
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Hi friend,

Pingyao is one of the most famous historic cities in China and also it is the one most deserves your visit. It has been in the list of World heritage.
Jun 6, 2006 07:31
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Hi Andydavid,

Your friend is probably just being cautious...

I don't think you need to be worried about travelling alone within China, as long as you keep a sense of humour and are sensible. I have been to many places in China by myself.

If you know how to say hello, goodbye and thankyou in Mandarin, I think it's enough :)

There is a certain element of risk to life in general, better to go out and experience it than to worry about what might happen ;)

Go to Pingyao! It sounds fabulous...
Jun 6, 2006 09:10
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Hi Andy,

Not a problem if you are the adventurous type. follow advice given above but ask your frined to write out some phases for you in characters and Pinyin so you can practice saying them and show someone.
useful things are -

Where are the bus or train stations
where is hotel and you can write the price range you are interested in paying
A couple of food dishes so you can eat well and the rest will be just an adventure.

There will be plenty of people who can help you - just be a little careful about paying too much for things.

Good luck and have fun.
Jun 6, 2006 20:36
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Follow all the useful suggestion above, I am sure that he or she must have a wonderful time in Pingyao.
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