Proper behavior for a courting couple?
Jun 12, 2006 18:04
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I remember a look of shock crossing the faces of the people in a park in Shanghai when a young Chinese woman took her hanky to wipe the sweat off of my forehead. That was in 1978. I do not remember any touching or public displays of affection, although I remember couples squatting under bushes in the parks to gaze into each other's eyes.

Can the couple hold hands?

Is a light kiss to the cheek acceptable?

Can the couple share a hotel room without social difficulty?

Jun 12, 2006 19:38
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haha, now it's 2006! So many year passed and everything you mentioned is ok now~~
Jun 12, 2006 20:14
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Those were the days !!
Jun 12, 2006 20:49
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21st century~~~~~~
Jun 12, 2006 21:22
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Even in 21st century, we respect those loving couples who behave properly in public, that is to express their true love and to set good role models for the young people and kids, holding hands are sweet and always be a good sign, maybe stealing a little kiss is also acceptable..., but excessive display of affections will always be disturbing, annoying and disrespectful no matter it is 21st century or 26th century, no matter in China or anywhere else in the world...

As for sharing a hotel room, if i remember correctly, we have discussed this before in this forum, will try to find the thread for you...
Jun 12, 2006 22:02
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These are the links regarding room sharing:

Have a good time!
Jun 13, 2006 00:45
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People's attitude and behaviour change with times, Rita.
It was not too long ago that holding hands was seen to be too intimate for public display. In olden China, a lady must be "wrapped" up and male/female shouldn't be touching each other or even seen in a room together without anybody else.
Now, we see couples kissing on the train and streets and females dressing up to expose parts of their body. Public display has become "cool" and some enjoy such display and the public watching them !
In a way, it is a sign of a degrading and deteriorating of society/culture but who is to judge which is the standard. If we project it further, 1 fine day we will go back to our cavemen days - in the nude. Everything moves in a circle, I think.

Hahaha !!
Jun 13, 2006 10:28
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Thank you for the responses.

I adhere closely to old behavior, knowing that I will not disgrace simply by giving her with a small kiss or a hug.

The thought of having my passport stamped "womanizer" is entertaining, but being flogged or shot is not. Two rooms for us.
Jun 13, 2006 11:12
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The definitions :

Courting couple is like 2 person walking as 1. They hug and hold each other so close, they appear as 1 person when walking together.

Married couple is like ... aawww!! holding hands is enough when in public places. Other things can be done at home.

Married couple with baby in arm (dad's arms) is like.... hey! lao por....walk faster la ...

Married couple with kid (usually holding mummy's hands)..... aahhh! the wife got no time for the hubby. Wife and kid walk in front. Hubby busy looking at other girls.

Married couple with big kid .... hey!! the couple walk at arms length. No hold hand anymore? No sir, no hands to hold! Those days are over.

After 30 years of marriage ... silver anniversary? .....yup! hairs turn silver ... must dye it black every year .. so thats why they called it the silver anniversary.

Afer 50 years of marriage ...golden anniversary? ...yup .....if you don't nag at each other, the time spent together is precious...just like gold.

And they lived happily ever after.

And their kids start the courtship business all over again ... like everybody else does.

Jun 13, 2006 11:16
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Very cute,I will have to remember your words:))
Jun 13, 2006 17:47
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Now that I must take 2 hotel rooms (based on the recommendations above) for every destination, cost is an issue. I was going to stay in top rated hotels with a $150/night USD. ...but in reading the forum, there are many references to rooms at 80 RMB.

I could sleep comfortably on a park bench. However, I would like to treat my friend to a decent room. What should I expect to pay for a respectable and affordable room with nice accomodations for her? I want her to enjoy herself, but do not want to squander my money trying to make a good impression. She works as a laboratory technician in Liaoning? What sort of hotel room would she rent if traveling by herself? Of course, I will buy 2 equal rooms.
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