Do Chinese People Really Believe in God?
Jul 9, 2006 21:43
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Dear GAZ07, Thanks for yuor post. Aout that triple-worship building in Mumbai, I do not have a picture, but will try to secure one for you and post it later. As for Church architecture, I suggest you go to, then click 'images', then enter 'Christian Churches'. Thousands of pictures will come up. If you weant a specific church building such as Notre Dame, then just enter the name. There is a lovely Cathedral being renovated these days in Guangzhou. It is impressive.

It is regrettable that your experience of Christianity seems to have caused you pain somewhere along the way. I hope that your new friendship with a nice Muslim girl will help you to overcome the past and see things in perspective. I am lucky in India to have many Muslims as friends. I also have a big number of Muslim pupils in my class. And we have mosques in every corner of our city. Muslims, Christians, Hindus get one well together. Everyone is free to enter a Hindu Temple [I know of only one exception]; everyone is free to enter a mosque; and everyone is free to enter a Church, even during service. I presume it is the same in China. Have a nice week. Kevin

Jul 9, 2006 23:14
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Be free to believe whatever you want but please don't preach!!

If you think that religion is a facinating subject, please keep the fascination to yourself. I don't buy it.

I don't mean to be offensive, but as far as I am concerned, religion stinks cos it divides the community and creates all kinds of problem to people of other faiths.

It is best to keep religion out of the forum.
Jul 11, 2006 06:28
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hey people, wise or otherwise, blurr or blunt, the matter on the forum, is whether chinese people do believe in God? and the answer is yes. the post cultural revolution era shows that people do want to worship God. be it christians or muslims or buddhists or others. if the government free up more, religious belief might even be accept and allowed for chinese party members.
Religious belief is more personal, powerful and pleasant in china than what some of us imagine and are ignorant of.
To read of some mentally constipated opinions on religious belief here that are motivated by hate and unpleasant childhood, makes the post seems very lopsided. we are not here for personal attacks. But some childhood hurts are best resolved with a skrink and not take it out on God or religion. But I definitely do not pretend that the photo does not offend me. And i am not comparing it with some "east-west, male-female, culturally unpleasant photos".
try putting up a holy islamic leader photo smoking and you will be running for a cave to hide with osama. get it?
chinese people do believe in God, millions of them and it is not just the uneducated. those that are not believing in God are wrongly educated.
Jul 11, 2006 06:54
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Hahaha ! This is actually a very interesting thread with potential for explosive discussions from members.

I am so tempted to comment but will give the opportunity to others on this occasion. I hope more members will participate with their views.

Pl make this a lively thread - maturedly.

Sorry Kevin - have taken over as the hostof your thread !!
Jul 11, 2006 11:19
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No problem PINETREE. I like your mature approach. The purpose of the thread is to find out in a mature and blanaced way the thinking of Chinese people vis-a-vis religion. I feel the forum is neither a place for preaching nor for hate-mail. If people have a problem with God and religion, let them say so in a simple, objective way; and if people are all for belief in god, they too can say so in a straightforward, balanced way. We all have so much to learn when we listen [and speak] with respect.
Jul 11, 2006 17:50
  • GAZ07
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Ethnic, if we're not here for personal attacks then don't make them. And for future reference on insulting people, the word "skrink" doesn't exist.

There is no "hatred" or "mental constipation" or "unpleasant childhood" and there most certainly isn't a "skrink." There is simply a different opinion which i'm entitled to voice just as you are.

I think you have summed up your attitude on the subject with one simple sentence: "those that are not believing in God are wrongly educated."

I have summed my attitude up with a picture. Both are insulting in their own way. Lets have a kiss and cuddle over our differences and move on please.

Jul 12, 2006 10:37
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Majority Chinese believe fate more so to God, I don't think Chinese are very religious, they only pray when they need help to go through difficulty, when they fail, they blame fate.
I personally dont believe God cause I dont understand God.
Jul 12, 2006 21:02
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So the summary of the discussion is :-
1. No, the Chinese don't believe in God (be it Bible's, Koran's or whatever.. ). 60 mln of Christians + the approx 80-100 mln Muslims ++ are just a small fraction of 1.2 bln.
2. Certain religions tend to hardsell - this is bad. The ignorant tend to accept. So in real fact, it could be less than the above figure of real believers.
3. There is a tendency for believers to become fanatical, less open-minded and lose their logics
- they become blindly faithful. Not arguing about right or wrong here.
4. Yes, Chinese tend to believe in fate( as Alexander commented) and punishment for evil doers.

Personally, I am not religious though I also believe in a Creator(may it be singular or jointly). Also I am happy that China are not bound by religious beliefs such that it may affect its people & progress technically/economically/ culturally, etc, etc. Don't believe that non-believers of faith will be bad. Look at Bush - after bombing thousands of Afghans, he claimed that he didn't kill any innocent lives, followed by "God Bless USAmerica" ! He will go to Heaven.

Religions are just a BELIEF - a belief of a heaven(for believers - not necessary good doers) & hell(for non-believers, not necessarily bad doers) ; a belief that eveil doers will be forgiven(what else can they do?) & a belief that there is everlasting life(for what, I wonder?).
To the Christian faith, beliveing in Yesu is compulsory to go to heaven & join him in everlasting life. If u do bad, just ask for forgiveness.
Nov 15, 2006 12:38
  • KH1834
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I was doing research for a school paper when I came across this forum. I will never disrespect anyone's religion, because my God (Jesus Christ) tells me before I try to judge someone, take the pole out of y eye (meaning none of us are perfect so don't judge others)

Matthew 6:31-34, 7:1-12 I don't know much about other religions and I don't disrespect other religions. GOd gave us freewill to choose. He does not make us love him, he wants us to. I can tell others all day how awesome I believe He is but the truth of the matter is you won't know until you try Him for yourself. As for the pictures, I think they are very distasteful, and just plain rude. You are on the forum to discuss your opinions, that is fine, but don't disrespect other beliefs that is just not right. I do pray for all of you and God is Love and we all need love. God Bless

Dec 15, 2007 03:41

I do not believe in Jesus Christ so that means you are Joseph!
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