Wholesale handbag markets in guangzhou???
Aug 21, 2006 21:19
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Hello everyone i am new to this forum and i am hoping someone can help me out with some good exact info. I have been to china 4 times and this will be my second trip to guangzhou, the first time i did not have time to go searching for handbags due to u.s. embassy issues but now i am ready to go back and start my business. I am staying at the Asia International Hotel in Sept. and have been reading many forums but NOONE seems to have an answer to where the handbags wholesale market is. I am NOT looking for real leather handbags, i would like to purchase fake leather, pvc, microfiber, etc. NOT REPLICA HANDBAGS either. Does anyone know the roads where these showrooms or factories are? and if so are they rather close to the hotel i am staying at. Serious answers only, please, it is no offense against anyone but i just do not want to get the run around answers that i have seen on other boards and since i am on a tight schedule, I am a serious business owner that is trying to surive in this overpriced horrible country/state that they call the land of the free. Any info is appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
Aug 21, 2006 21:41
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My dear friend, I think Zi Yuan Gang is the place you ought to visit. It has a handbag wholesale market and is not actually far from Asia International Hotel. I guess you're doing this handbag business. If you need some sort of translator or personal assistant, I'll be very glad to work with you. I'm a translator by profession and I'm particularly familiar with leather markets in Guangzhou and in some other provinces. Please call me at 13922760971 or drop me a line at|Josefking.
Aug 22, 2006 12:55
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Thank you for the info but is Zi Yuan Gang a road that have these wholesale markets for handbags? Thank you for the offer about being a guide also, how much do you charge for 1 day work?
Aug 22, 2006 21:00
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Well, AFUTURE500 - yes one of the main place for wholesale leather products is fairly near Aisa International hotel - which is near to the "old Guangzhou airport" area - where there are a few malls which holds shops of leather or simulated leather products.
However one important suggestion is that u try to attend the Canton fair in October - where am sure many leather or associated products will be show-cased and exhibited and u will be able to find out much more and meet the exhibitors. Its the largest exhibition fair in Guangzhou and its very useful esp for sourcing products not only from guangzhou but from all of China. Its also a good idea to get a translator if u are unable to speak chinese; and if u r genuinely looking for one, then I would have some referrals for u.
Aug 24, 2006 13:48
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Yes i am interested in the simulated leather products, not the leather ones which i have been to in guangzhou but had a bad translator and we did not find the correct wholesale disticts we were looking for. Do you know where exactly these simulated wholesale districts are? if so can you please send some info in a reply as to the street name or market name? and how much do you charge for a day work to show me around? Thanks!
Jun 12, 2009 14:04
GUEST16241 Hi,are you still looking for this kind of bag in China?
I am living in Gz and i am dealing with this kind of leather products which include handbag,wallet,ect.
Pls feel free to contact me if you need any infors,thanks.


Aug 10, 2009 03:33
GUEST08132 western market sells wholesale bags
Aug 29, 2009 23:33
GUEST40383 Looking for Country Road Handbags to import from China? Any help with contact for supplier or website would be appreciated. I am looking to start a wholesale buisness here in MS and need good contacts to import to keep the prices down. Local shops in our area have to travel to Dallas to purchase or order via website. I want to give them a local store. Any help?
Aug 30, 2009 02:55
GUEST15151 Hi,i have good contacts of that,maybe my infors will help you.

Pls contact me|leather09


Sep 28, 2009 05:44
GUEST39107 hi I am going to Guang Zhou looking for buying mobile phone strap and wallet. pls kindly advise name of wholesale market
Oct 8, 2009 08:01
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Originally Posted by GUEST39107

hi I am going to Guang Zhou looking for buying mobile phone strap and wallet. pls kindly advise name of wholesale market

go to Onelink Plaza, my friend
you can contact me|maple020 if any query
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