Teaching English in China
Oct 4, 2006 22:00
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Hi Everyone,

I have been toying with the idea of coming to China and trying to tech English. I have two BA degrees in Sociology and Comparative Religions from the University of Virginia, and had a non-degree Secondary (8-12) History and the Social Sciences Teaching Certificate (Expired 2002) along with some teaching experience. A native American, my English is excellent.

I am considering enrolling in a 2-6 week TESL certificate program to improve my credentials and earning potential. I currently am working full time and live in Virginia. I might like to try to do this on line.

I'd appreciate any advice or information anyone has to offer concerning what my realistic earning potential is now, what it will be after such a program, and whether or not on-line certificates are acceptable. If not, I'd also appreciate suggestions on where to go to find a program in Virginia. Thanks to all.
Oct 5, 2006 23:18
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First do a search on sites that have job offers... but well organised one is Angelina's cafe . Another is Dave's cafe, sorry dont know the URL.

With yr qualifications yr salary should be a minimum of 4000 RMB per month, plus accommodation, utilities, plus 10,000 RMB airfare and 2000 RMB travel allowance.... but in the mainstream sector note that pay is halved in the spring break when u dont work. (The private language centres need you to work the holidays.)

In fact you should be able to earn more than that if you look around and try to bargain a bit based on your skills. Remember there is a shortage of teachers. Watch out for lies from agents...the pictures and stories are often not genuine. The money enables you to live well here (except for not having a car) but is pretty worthless to take home. Salaries in Shanghai and Guangzhou area are higher, but so is the cost of living.

I recommend a mainstream school or college (including the private ones) rather than a language centre unless you find a good one with recommendations from other teachers.

Hopefully that will get you under way..
Oct 6, 2006 04:09
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  • Status: Offline, you will see a lots English teaching jobs there. Not only in Shanghai. Good luck.
Oct 6, 2006 07:48
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I have been teaching in Guang Zhou for 3 years now. The best thing to do is go to the place you want to teach and look around. Do not accept a job before you see what they give in return. Do not trust everything you hear from agents, better to do it your self. I am making 150 Yuan an hour for part time and full time depends on what you get extra. Poorer cities pay less of course but do not expect 4000 here in GZ. I do not have a degree and here does not matter, other places it does. Have fun
Oct 7, 2006 00:25
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I wouldn't advise you to take a TESL course ONLY to improve your earning potential as I doubt it will. Good degrees and teaching exprerience will already get you into the best earning bracket rate, a TESL is unlikely to further your salary.

If you're going to work in a university you can expect to earn approx 4000RMB for around 16-20 hours teaching a week (mon-fri).

Private language schools offer much greater earning potential, but usually require you to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

Best thing to do is go to somewhere like Dave's ESL cafe and compare the salaries, hours & benefits offered by those places currently advertising.... there's no shortage of jobs!

Try to get the email of a current or past teacher at the school and talk to them, you tend to get a much better, more honest picture. Most places will give you a contact if you ask them!

Good luck!

2 good links I used when looking for jobs: (Dave's!!)
Oct 7, 2006 00:29
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sorry, should read 4000RMB per month!
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