Welsh man needs help!
Feb 15, 2007 10:18
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I am leaving for China in 2 weeks to teach english for five months in the hebei a place called Shijiazhuang. I realise it is not far from Beijing and that I will prob spend many a weekend in China's capital, but I was wondering if anyone has any information on things to do, see, nightlife, sport etc. for the Shiijiazhuang area.

Any help would be appreciated.

Feb 15, 2007 18:56
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Welcome to China,and teach english in here!Yes,you are right,Shijiazhuang is near Beijing,about 2.5 hours by train.I think ,ocan come to visit Beijing a few times,haha:-)

For Shijiazhuang,I'm not very familiar,only went to there once.There are some bars in Qingyuan Street,and also you can visit a famous bridge---Zhao Zhou Qiao.

Have fun!!!
Feb 15, 2007 19:10
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Hi Owen,
Beijing is a place of fun. I suggust some tourist atractions here: the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Fragant Hill, Temple of Heaven,etc.. For nightlife, you can choose to enjoy Peking Opera performance, Chinese Kungfu performance~~~~ You can enjoy so many snacks as well, too many to list~~~ As to Shijiazhuang City, It may not be so interesting.
Feb 16, 2007 11:20
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Thanks for the information. I appreciate it, can't wait to get there now.

All the best.

Feb 18, 2007 09:09
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I lived and taught in Sjz for a year. If you care to email me at|apault... and especially give me a Skype or Yahoo id if you have one then we can chat real time...or give me a fixed phone no so I can call you. Where will you be teaching?
Feb 18, 2007 23:18
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Sorry, but I just could not pass up this commentary...LOL

I ran across this bit of information a while back and had filed it away……..I find some humor in it now, after reading your post; as we have had some recent discussions in some other threads, respective of the term ‘Chinglish’.

“John Edwards has written and spoken entertainingly about a specific form of Welsh English — "Wenglish" which refers to the dialects of English spoken in Wales, by Welsh people. The dialects are significantly modified by Welsh grammar and nouns, and contain a number of unique words. In addition to the distinctive words and grammar, there is a variety of accents found across Wales.”

Therefore, what do we call the form of English language spoken my Chinese, who who have been taught by a teacher who speaks Wenglish ?? LOL :)

Moreover, this subject would make for a whole new interesting thread: The differences [perceived] by native Chinese speakers, with respect to the English language spoken by those native English speakers, from: England, Australia/New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and America ??

I was listening to a young female broadcaster on CCTV-9 or 10, here at home awhile back, and I was amazed that I could barely understand what she was saying in English, due to her very thick regional British accent. ( I think it was British) ?

I had to listen with my full attention; and then I only could discern about 50 to 60 % of the language. It was English, but it could have been a foreign language as far as I was concerned !! :) In this regard, I wonder how I would sound to her, if I engaged this woman in conversation ??

So very interesting; to coin an old term.

Best wishes to you !!!!

Feb 21, 2007 21:46
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Have you hear, How Chinese people reading A B C --- X Y Z ? If not, next time try for it.
It’s different from British or US English?

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