Shenzhen wholesale markets for fashion clothing
Feb 19, 2010 02:55
GUEST16831 Hi, I am looking for international brand names. I need original (overruns).
Looking for: supplier of wholesale good quality korean, japan, hong kong such as: Tokyo Fashion, Yoco, M2M, Little Piggy, ECA, YYL, LY, JJ, Sharara, LUI, Miusa, Tian-Mu, Yamanba, Vivicam, Loyer, Joyce,Candy shop, Melissa, Foxy 61 and so on.

email to|orchidshop

Feb 19, 2010 06:52
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There are some large and well known clothing factories in Guangdong provinces; Most of them are located in the cities such as Guangzhou, Huizhou, Foshan, Meizhou and Shaoguan.

I have visited some of them with foreigners .there are so many clothing wholesales market in Guangdong, I suggest you to come to Guangzhou and see the every thing by yourself, so that you can get an idea about the fabrics or companies in Guangdong.

Here are the some wholesale markets for the clothes:

1. Shahe Clothes Wholesale Center (沙河)
2. Xindadi Clothes Wholesale Center (新大地)
3. Fuli Clothes Wholesale Center (富力)
4. Nanhai Clothes Wholesale Center (南海市)
5. Shahe Clothes Garments Wholesale Center (沙河)
6. Shahe Clothes East Wholesale Center (沙东成)
7. Wanjia Clothes Wholesale Center (万佳)
8. Liuhua Clothes Wholesale Center (流花)
9. Hongjin Clothes Wholesale Center (红棉)
10.Foshan Jiancun Clothes Wholesale Center (佛山禅城区)
11. Foshan Clothes Huanshi Wholesale Center (佛山)
12. Humen Clothes Wholesale Center (虎门.)

If you need my help, please let me know all about your problems in Guangzhou, especially if it comes to shopping, I will be definitely at your service if I can. I hope you’re enjoying staying here.

For further information ,please touch with|china-help

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Feb 21, 2010 09:35
looking for korea, japan and hongkong / china wholesale clothes, cheap and good quality. Email me at|smellys.girl
Feb 22, 2010 11:47
We are interested in a future collaboration with you and your esteemed company.
Our target for supply are dress, skirt, shirt, pants, jeans, jacket and coat , in general clothing for women with spicy , sexy miss lady look. We don't understant your language but the itmes spoke for them self.
Our target it is if it is possible only one supplier for those items which can allow us to buy only one item/model if we consider that.
The request is made for unussual fashion current with trendy and spicy look for lady like I Miusa, Vivi look, Labu labu, and soon, product : dress, skirt, shirt, jacket, pants, jeans, coat gown and bra, for our market. I want to underline that all those brands are specified like models of items and possible brand for items, but aren’t to eliminate other products which concur to the requirements for the look of requested goods.

Will be helpfully to provide us picture, price for delivery door to door (our address ROMANIA, PRAHOVA, PLOIESTI 100521, BDUL PETROLULUI NR 51A) by courier UPS or other according wit your rules, or site to view your offer, and also all information you believe are necessary. We want to mentioned that first delivery will be for about 200 - 300 kilograms, for bulk order and payment will be trough the bank with payment order.

Please be free to send us future information about our request and condition of collaboration at|mrsauroran

We specify we are from Europe, Romania.

Thanking in advance for your time and answer in English language,

Feb 22, 2010 21:39

Looking for online fashionable clothing wholesaler brands as above mentrions, YOCO, Candy SHop, Lip services... etc.
From Canada, will place large order every month if price is suitable, site must be in english.

contact me at|Bailey8it

Thanks in advance.
Feb 23, 2010 02:12
GUEST58120 im really interested on how i could get the seller or wholeseller of these brands; -MIUSA, ERK LELE STYLE, YZF, RJ STORY, M2M, YOCO, LITTLE PIGGY, SNZ, REIKO, CAT WORLD, WHAT’S, SWEET GIRL, MARLOCA , I'Miusa, Dizzy Darling, Cynthia VIVI, Melissa, Sylvia, ECA, CANDY SHOP, JOYCE SHOP, Cutie Fashion, Yoyogi, JJ, M2M, LY, 天母嚴選, Tian-Mu, Yumi, Reiko Ladies,azura. as well as any other TAIWAN, KOREA, HONGKONG and JAPAN brands of fashionable clothes and accessories!
Good quality and cheaper price.

will really appreciate if somebody could help me...

thanks a lot!!!|l13_ch3n
Feb 23, 2010 16:16
Hi everyone, how goes it?
Anyways I was wondering if there are any suppliers out here selling watches of the 70s/80s variety. So far I have to buy from America, but I am sure alot of these watches such as various Casio models are made in China. Logically I would want to go straight to the source (contact with a Chinese factory) and cut out the middle man wholesaler in the US. My website is and I am specifically looking for watches targeted at younger people.
thx for your time!
Feb 24, 2010 10:25
GUEST34158 warmest greetings...

hi there, i'm from malaysia and i am looking for some trusted supplier/ wholesaler which carrying the Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong fashion clothings. Brands range like Tokyo Fashion, Yoco, M2M, Little Piggy, ECA, YYL, LY, JJ, Sharara, LUI, Miusa, Tian-Mu, Yamanba, Vivicam, Loyer, Joyce,Candy shop, Melissa, Foxy 61 and others... and I AM LOOKING FOR taiwan,japan n korea bags and korea jewelry with models and others ..Especially OEM's...those brands OEM even better,coz can get even lowest price.

Your help is very much appreciated.... Thank you & gonna hear from your soonest reply...

Please email the info to|fanychy /|mxfancy

Thanks...with warmest regards...
Feb 25, 2010 05:45

I am looking for online fashionable clothing wholesaler, with brands like YOCO, LITTLE PIGGY, VIVI, ECA, CANDY SHOP, JOYCE SHOP, M2M, LY and other Taiwanese, Korean, Hong Kong and Japan brand...

Please email me at|yangzheling

Thank you.
Mar 1, 2010 00:37
GUEST08557 hi im staying in indonesian, i need some clothes can you send me your email???
please email to my email "|Roben_lee99
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