Hong Kong to Guilin and Yangshuo
May 9, 2007 22:24
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I want to go from Hong Kong to Yangshuo and the Guilin. That seems like the right way to go when I look at a map, however, everything I read has people going to Guilin first then Yangshuo. Why is this? Does the train from HK only go to Guilin? Is there any train that departs from Yangshuo toward Shanghai (where I want to ultimately go) or must I go back to Guilin? Whatever the answer, what train do I take?

I'm hoping some personal experiences can help.
Thanks in advance
May 9, 2007 22:55
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Perhaps others can validate my belief that you can get to Yangshuo from Hong Kong via the south. I believe you see most entering the region thru Guilin because they are on limited schedules and flights to the region arrive at Guilin. The flight from HK is about an hour.

Most who visit the area take a one day trip down the river and return to Guilin by coach. Others take the bus, private cars, even the river boats to Yangshuo and stay a few days or longer. .

I am thinking that your trip to Yangshuo from HK is going to be around 12 hours. Perhaps another can provide the schedule and routing.

May 10, 2007 05:56
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People fly into Guilin because that is where the airport is located. In fact it is quite some distance outside the city and over one hour from Yangshuo. You can catch a minibus to Yangshuo from outside the Guilin train station (1 hour) for around Y15/20

Yangshuo has a lot of good accommodation available and more to get a room here in the busy timesand there is lots to see in a more rural setting than Guilin itself.

Alternatively, There is a first class sleeper coadh service from Hongkong directly to Yangshuowhich may suit you.
Jun 27, 2007 05:25
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Sep 20, 2007 11:31
GUEST12012 i would like to know how easy it is to go from HK to Yangshuo. Myself and my partner will arrive HK early hours Wed 26 Sept and need to be back in HK on Saturday 29th in the evening for a wedding Banquet. I dont want to spend too much money and dont have a great deal of time but would love to visit this beautiful place. Please help.
Sep 21, 2007 09:07
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Have you read the link I provided above?
With your time limit I would suggest that you fly Shenzhen -- Guilin on 26/9 and take the overnight train Guilin -- Shenzhen on 28/9, arriving on 29/9 morning. Or, you could also fly back the same way.
Oct 2, 2007 11:48
GUEST75145 I am interested in the first class coach direct from Hong Kong to Yangshuo. Is there any way to get the time table and book this from the U.S.?
Jan 5, 2009 00:50
GUESTANTHONY... Yes the train from Shenzen goes to Gui Lin city. The popular tourist place is the town of Yangshuo, about a 2 hour bus or taxi ride from Gui Lin. It's important to realize that "Gui Lin" means both the city and the region.
Jan 21, 2009 14:27

Im planing to travel from HK to Guangzhou by train and then take a bus to Guilin. I would like to know the prices (train + bus) and if it is dangerous to travel as I will have an expensive foto equipment with me.

Ellyse the website you supplied is very helpful!
Best regards
Jan 23, 2009 02:29
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If you're generally street-smart and alert -- do not leave anything where it's not within your range of vision -- you should be ok.
I don't remember the Guangzhou -- Guilin bus price, probably no more than 200 RMB.
Hong Kong -- Guangzhou East by train ( seems to be 190 HKD.
Jan 23, 2009 18:14
GUEST11131 Yangshuo is about a 4-hour boat ride from Guilin on the Li River... it's a tiny village. You fly or train it into Guilin then hop a "cruise" boat about 9:30 AM and you arrive in Yangshuo early afternoon. Then you will have to go back to Guilin to catch a ride to Shanghai. RJ
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