Anyone been to Zhaoqing?
May 20, 2007 00:27
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Just wondering if anyone has been to Zhaoqing and if so whats it like? I was thinking of stopping off there for day or 2. There seems to be a boat from HK to Zhaoqing which sounds interesting.
May 20, 2007 02:44
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I just moved to Zhaoqing from Guangzhou. I am a retired school principal and just decided to move to china to live in February. I moved to Zhaoqing because it is smaller than Guangzhou.
This is a great tourist city with several large lakes. They claim that it is one of Chinas best scenic areas.
I came by bus so I can not tell you about the river.
May 20, 2007 08:57
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I was there last year...nice city but small. I do not believe the boat runs there now.

The 7 Crags in the lake are beautiful and there is a great national park just a local busride away to the west.
Aug 31, 2007 11:03
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We are thinking of moving to Zhaoqing from America for my husband's job. Can you tell me what you think so far? How are the housing conditions?
Sep 2, 2007 05:25
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Accommodation should be Ok...the employer should be able to arrange good accom but if they don't he has the wrong employer. It is a pleasant city, just a bit small but you should be able to get out of town a bit. Not many foreigners there. Only 2 hours to Guangzhou if you like big cities, personally Zhaoqing is big enough for me.
Oct 26, 2010 22:59
GUEST34314 In Zhaoqing last weekend, officials blew up and demolished the most beautiful statue in all of Guangdong, and one of the most beautiful in the world. It was a huge, beautifully made statue of a famous general of ancient times with an ancient sword. It was magnificent to see it everyday on the mountaintop. For me, my time has been ruined, as that was the most beautiful thing about Zhaoqing without a doubt.
This is just terrible.
Feb 3, 2011 19:37
GUEST15144 I have been to Zhaoqing 6 times. by boat, bus and train. The boat still runs. I akso tuahgt english there, I am Australian my partner is Chinese her family lives in Zhaoqing we also own 2 units in Zhaoqing and 2 properties in Australia. best ti see 7 star crags. take a boat rise on the lake. Also take a trike bike ride around the lake... Do not go into the park it is way to expensive and not worth it. Take a trip to the temple on Dinghu mountain also butterfly island, Drive up in a gold buggy and walk back down.. u can go for a swim in the fresh water stream on the way back. You can also drink the water from the stream direct, The butterflies are 2 times bigger then ur hand. get drunk then get a boat to the other side of the river oposite zhoaqing city, it will cost u 1.5 RMB which is like 25 cents Australian dollars. Walk up to the lookout tower have a view for a while then go back to the REGENT and have a 5 star massage in their basement that will cost u 100RMB for 2 people. includes fruit buffet and drinks. non alcho. When u take ur boat ride on the lake ...dont get the small boats... get in the one that has a driver and is a small speed bot is much better and faster and u see more. still cheap because u are sharing with a whole bunch of chinese. Ask them to drop u off at the bottom of the mountain where the temple is. next to the gold fish pond with the paddle steamer wheel in it. climb the mountain is steep at times and climb inside caves as well. When u get to the topp. u see the whole of zhaoqing from birdseye view. its gorgeous. there are also monks there that will do readings and bless u. also a massive ammount of massive incense that will burn the shit outa ur eyes. you need to be aboe moderately fit to climb the mountain. FAT would not make it. to steep. I have taken the boat from Hong Kong several times. I have caught the train from hong kong several times. and taken the bus through China several times, done it by car several times and flown directly to baiyun airport several times. i have been in and around that area alot. email me if u want more info|dazisasexybab
Jun 19, 2012 20:40
GUEST27192 I am living with my wife in ZhaoQing now. any foreigner living in ZhaoQing please contact me.|hesamgholami77
Aug 9, 2014 23:12
GUEST32217 I do not know if there is a boat from HK to Zhaoqing, but I do know there is a bus from Guangzhao Airport to Zhaoqing that takes about 1hr 30 minutes
Dec 18, 2016 11:35
GUEST22112 There is indeed a boat from Hong Kong to Zhaoqing. Why would you say there isn't ? It is a wonderful trip.
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