Which country's nationals have the best sense of Humor?
Jul 4, 2007 01:55
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We are living in a rich and colorful world. In the process of human society development, people from different countries have formed their own national character and national identity, which contributes to this diversified world.

Some people believe that British people are reserved; the French nationals are romantic; the Chinese people are reticent; and Americans are blunt and humorous.

Do Americans have the best sense of humor? What do you think?
Jul 4, 2007 10:28
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No it's the IRISH of course, and thier decendants, some of which are Americans.
Jul 4, 2007 11:51
I don't know about the British being reserved, maybe in olden times.
Humour is very different world wide, some American humour I don't find funny at all, but then British humour doesn't always work in the US.
I'm told I'm a very funny guy and can make most people laugh, I have reduced some into tears of laughter.
Jul 4, 2007 18:11
  • JCNILE123
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talking about average people, i will have to say most americans have a simplistic sence of humor, but is often seen as ( heck!!! where is he come from)?.

so, i say americans.

but as Mr Westnorwoodgas say it, it is nice to be around happy people, people that make's you laugh.
Jul 4, 2007 19:50
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Yeah, JCNLE123, "it is nice to be around happy people,people that make you laugh."
Jul 5, 2007 12:16
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Our Siva did not realize that.
Jul 7, 2007 01:09
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It is difficult to say who has best sense of humour. If you dont come from a particular country then you may not understand their humour. Americans are said to have good humour but I watch their comedy and dont laugh, I have good sense of humour but it is dry some most people wouldnt understand mine.
I think the most important thing is that we all have humour in our lives.
Jul 7, 2007 01:18
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It's got to be the Kiwis from New Zealand. We have have had Fred Dagg, The Late Billy T James
Jul 9, 2007 04:31
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It is easy to get along wel with people who have the sense of humor. Actually, every country have both humorous and reserved nationals .
Jul 9, 2007 22:22
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As a saying goes, laugh is the best medicine. Here, paraphrase this saying, Humor is also the best medicine. A big smile, everyday.!!1
Jul 10, 2007 01:52
Spot on Jimmy.
Keep on smiling one and all.
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