Questions about my fiancee bringing her 19 year old son with her to America
Sep 2, 2007 06:13
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Hi everyone,

I have some very urgent questions. My fiancee and I want to bring her 19 year old son from China to America to live with us. Her ex-husband has had legal custody since their divorce (on paper), but in fact, their son has lived with each of them, on and off. His father has said that he will agree to let his son come to America to live with us. I understand that we will need a letter of permission from him.

Has anyone here had any experience with such matters? Specifically, can anyone tell me where I might find a good example of such a letter so I can make sure that it is worded properly? Does the letter need to be written in Chinese and in English? Do both the Chinese copy and the certified English translation need to be notarized?

I have every intention of seeking legal help to file all of the paperwork for my fiancee visa, but I am trying to gather as many documents and supporting information as possible before I hire a lawyer so that the process will be a little faster and more economical.

Sep 2, 2007 12:26
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I just received a USCIS notice of action on my fiancee visa 30 days after filing the application. I am told that from this point it will take 6 to 9 months for the visa to be approved if everything goes smoothly.

The process for bringing a child in with your fiancee differs based on whether you marry in China or marry in the USA. If you plan to marry your fiancee in China you are already too late. The relationship with the child must be established by the time the child is 18. However, if you bring your fiancee into the US on a fiancee visa, the relationship must be established before the child is 21. least that is my layman's reading of the instructions.

I do not believe "a letter of permission" will be adequate for the child to come live with you in America especially since the father has legal custody. You can call the USCIS for more information about this.
Any Chinese document submitted to the USCIS must be translated into English.

US Immigration policy is strict and takes a tremedously long time to complete. A lawyer will not make the process any faster, however, a lawyer might prevent mistakes that would will delay your application.

You might consider using Roger Lin in Nanning. His website is:

You might also consider visiting which has a great deal of information about this subject.
Sep 2, 2007 16:47
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Hey Griz.....

Roger Lin in Nanning is MY guy and my MY friend !! Don't go sniffing where I have [already] been !! :) :)

Toomuchfunhere !!!

Lion Power, this is just American humor !!

Sep 2, 2007 17:01
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Yes, Roger in Nanning, (his english is very good) can do more for you for about $600.00 than any attorney in the USA can do for $2500.00 to $3000.00 !!! What is great about him, is that he will assist your fiancee with her paperwork and that which must be in Chinese language.

Also, there is a list of the documents which must be notarized and translated into English at the Govt. Notary Office, in her city of residence.

All the fees went up on July 31st, and there are more changes to the process happening all the time.

If you are sure she is the one, don't wait, move forward as soon as you can.

I am off to see Lao Po again later this month, and I am still hopeful we will have an interview date at USCOCGUZ, in January or February at the latest. I filed two I-130's and then the I-129f, in May.

Good luck !!
Sep 3, 2007 06:27
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Hi Roger, hi Griz,

Thank you both for responding to me. I am leaning in the direction of seeking help from Roger Lin. I really like the fact that he is there in China and can speak in Chinese to my girl. I think he can help her a great deal with her paperwork, and will be able to reassure her as well. I will discuss this with her, and then we will make a decision. Thanks again.
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