Visa Application with Criminal Background
Nov 28, 2009 23:21
GUEST24590 I also had a misdemeanor sexual crime for exposure that I was wondering whether to report or not. My conscience will kill me for not reporting it but at the same time I'm worried about them denying as they did that girl from australia for stealing (one or two pages back).
Dec 19, 2009 12:34
GUEST87220 i would probably NOT report that crime if I were you!
Dec 21, 2009 05:03
GUEST48146 Years ago I was a different person and racked up a ton of charges. Everything from assaults, drugs, wreckless endangerment with firearm, curruption of minors, discharging a firearm in to a occupied structure, destroying evidence and the list goes on. I honestly can't even remember all of it. I quit drinking and the crazy life years ago. No charges in 5 years now. I have been in school the last year and half now. I plan on getting a masters but first I wanted to use an associates to work in China. Jobs in the US are so hard to get now with so many looking for work. I really want to work were the economy is good. I have been researching it and want to move there. I have no doubt that a 16 page list of charges will get denied. Does anyone know if they have tighten their law s on this? I heard some people say they were denied. Checking no requires a certified letter doesn't it?
Dec 21, 2009 08:30
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I have never heard of any checks being done
Dec 22, 2009 16:00
GUEST36170 I don't understand how the 16 previous pages of people attesting to the fact that:

a). You can lie and get your visa to visit China without problems whatsoever.
b). If you're truthful about your criminal history you will likely be rejected.

... and yet people are still debating whether or not you can in fact lie on your visa application. Listen, if you have any criminal history and you admit to it you leave yourself to the whim of a bored, civil servant processing your paper who is from another country and culture who will be 95% unsympathetic to your story.
Dec 23, 2009 22:17
GUEST87220 however, if you want to WORK in China now I hear you need a police certificate from your home country testifying that you have no record. therefore while you can probably visit, you can't work in China.
Dec 29, 2009 17:32
GUEST52673 I replyed correctly by stating that I had a conviction 8 years ago and have traveled extensively through Europe and SouthAmerica and was denyed the VIsa. If I had lied and said no to the conviction I would have the visa. This happened at the Washington DC VIsa office December 2009.
Jan 7, 2010 00:35
GUEST12109 well good for you but I wouldn't follow your advice again to apply in person as this makes no difference you just got lucky I have a criminal record of way less offense and was over 23 years ago and they are making me go through hell and back and all it was for is selling a lousy back of marijuana and stealing some meat from a freezer plusI haven't been in any trouble snce or which would be classified as violent ever in my life as yours is so I wouldn't be to sure they would do this just because you appear in person and wished I hadn't followed your advice as I drove 8 hours to Chicago and ended up in a shit mess and when I called the visarite he said I should have went through them and wouldn't have had the problem . So bad advice, go with a visa service as they can do the fighting for you if needed as they are all chinese as well at visarite services To top all this off my fiance' is heart broken and doesn't know if she wants to even stay together now,thanx
Jan 14, 2010 19:01
GUEST18158 I have read this topic with interest as I would like to get a work visa/permit (z visa) to work in China. It appears that they have tightened up the procedure for this and insist on an applicant obtaining a certificate of no criminal record from the police force in their home country and getting it notarised at the Chinese Embassy as part of the application process. There is no way around this as any request I make for this information will clearly show my previous conviction despite the fact it was 22 years ago and legally spent under the UK Rehabilitation Of Offenders act.
It states clearly on a number of official websites that a work visa will only be granted to someone with NO criminal record. This is bad news for me as I was convicted of a relatively minor crime 22 years ago and if I accepted the job I have been offered to work in Shanghai would not only be unsuccessful but also suffer the embarrassment of my conviction becoming public and possibly affecting my current job.
So much for redemption and rehabilitation. The mistake I made as a young man will likely stop me ever being able to live and work in another country.
Jan 17, 2010 16:46
GUEST18158 The only issue that I can see for you is if you want to get a work permit in the future. They will make you apply in your own country so you would have to leave the country and get the police clearance certification before returning. As you have a police felony record . you would of course be unable to get this and therefore would be unable to return to China on a work visa. This applies to citizens of all countries looking to work in China.
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