Thanksgiving coming soon
Oct 27, 2007 03:08
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Thanksgiving Dinner
Intercontinental Hotel Jiefengbei
Yuzhong District

Friday 23th November 2007

130 RMB per Adult
80 RMB for children (height limit applies)

Private Function (do not contact hotel)

Bookings and deposit of 50 RMB essential to reserve a place
(NO walk ins)

If you're in Chongqing or planning to be in Chongqing for Thanksgiving then consider joining us for a sumptuous turkey dinner with all the trimmings and much more.

For more details send me a MSG and I’ll then forward contact booking details and a copy of the menu.
Oct 27, 2007 03:38
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It sounds really nice:-)
Oct 27, 2007 21:02
  • SUSAN205060
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Yes, Seems good. But many friends are in Shanghai or Beijing . What a pity!
Oct 27, 2007 21:20
  • ELLEN77
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Yeah, nice plan. But I'm also not in Chongqing!
Nov 13, 2007 02:49
GUEST51121 Hello,

My name is Erik Nilsson, and I am a reporter for China Daily. We are doing a story for our Expat page about people's Thanksgiving plans and experiences in China. Please contact me at|erik_nilsson or (8610)135 22 731 848 to share your plans or experiences with our readership before (next) Tuesday Nov. 20 .

Hope to hear from you soon.

Nov 13, 2007 03:57
GUESTTHXWHO I thought thanksgiving was American holiday... and they have this holiday for a reason, what's yours?
Nov 13, 2007 11:37
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Due to the number of expats, I'm sure.
Nov 14, 2007 08:47
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What's my reason - the Same

Yes this is America's Thanksgiving Celebration (Nov 22) but many other countries like Canada (October) and Australia (May 14th) also give thanks in a similar way for similar reasons although on different dates.

I join many of my American friends to celebrate something we all share.

What about other countries and peoples??
Nov 15, 2007 12:19
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I've never heard of anyone celebrating it (or anything similar) in Australia. I understood is specific to the USA and relates to the end of the first year that the settlers were there.

What does Aus celebrate Jabaraoo?

In the UK there is harvest festival for the churchies, but that predates christianity and doesnthave the significance that Thanksgiving has in the US.
Nov 16, 2007 09:33
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I'll give some more details later.

Our has only been a formal National Day of Thanksgiving as of 2005 and gives thanks to God for our Christian Heritage and then for the contributions of our people to making our country what it is today. It is celebrated on the Saturday before Pentecost.

There are other more informal thanksgivings around Australia but they are related more to harvest times. One is the Apple and Grape Festival in March/April on the Granite Belt and perhaps elsewhere (I was not aware that it was considered a Thanksgiving Festival but it's on the backpackers trail now apparently. Give it a google and see what you can find.
Nov 16, 2007 10:11
  • JCNILE123
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I like to insert a nickel worth to this as I, respectfully admire the endeavor Madam Jaba, has taken to
introduce or share this one important occasion with the ones that share her ideals.
I do not think there most be a special reason of the hearth to joint and celebrate any or all Chinese or western holidays for the matter.
Then again, perhaps she has a very special reason and likes to (be) join by the other that think as her.
As I understand it is per reservation only inclusion.

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