Need help with K1/K2 Visa. Roger Lin?
Oct 29, 2007 06:01
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Hi Everyone,

I am almost ready to file my I-129F, G-325A, etc. I have almost all of the documents now, but I am still getting answers to a few questions from my girl. After reading a number of posts, I was leaning in the direction of simply doing all of this myself (very carefully), but when I told my fiancee my intention, she became terrified. She is scared to death that her son will not be allowed to come. I have tried to reassure her, but she still is very frightened. So, now I am thinking that I need to find someone to help me with this (while I keep a close eye on how they are doing it). My girl and I have already had some very heated arguments over money. I fear if I am unwilling to pay for help, then she will see that as proof that I am cheap, that I love money more than I love her, and that I am not too concerned about her son.

Has anyone here heard of Roger Lin (offices in Nanning and Shanghai)? I recall reading a post somewhere by someone who was very impressed with him, but now I can't find the post. I like the idea of having someone there on the ground in China who can speak fluent Chinese, and who can help my girl with document gathering and filling out of forms. This would be particularly helpful with the Guangzhou part of this process. My girl is scared to death of all the various forms she has to try to deal with, and equally frightened of the interview. I have tried to calm her, and have tried to ask her questions to get all of the proper information for the I-129F, G-325A, etc., but she just doesn't understand what I am asking her, and sometimes why I am asking her things. I keep telling her it is because the American government wants to know. She says, "But in China...." Then I remind her that we are trying to bring her and her son to America, not China, so we must do everything we are asked to do. So, with all of this in mind, I emailed Mr. Lin a few days ago to request a little more information about his services, but I have not received an answer. Now, I am wondering if something happened and he did not receive my email, or if he is not very responsive when you need help.

Thanks to everyone here for any help you can give me.
Oct 29, 2007 12:28
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I replied to you in the PM with more info, also made a post over at VJ !!

Rog is a good guy !!

I am off to Guangzhou in the a.m. will be away for awhile this trip.

Roger :)
Oct 29, 2007 20:06
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I can second Roger's recommendation of Roger Lin.
Oct 30, 2007 05:16
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Thanks very much to both Griz and ROGERINCA. Unless my girl still has some reservations, I think Roger Lin is "just what the doctor ordered."
Nov 11, 2007 15:24
GUEST66239 Is there anyway I can get get his email as well? We are having a problem in our K1 process. My email is|cascel2 or|blackstardz Thanks,
Jul 5, 2009 00:47

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