China's Dink Family
Feb 2, 2009 01:57
GUEST13290 DINK is similar to homosexuality. The end result of both life style is the same: they can't reproduce, they have to recruit. Both should be accepted and tolerated, but not encouraged.

Healthy and strong genes continue and expand their existence. Weak and defective genes shrink or get eliminated. This is a natural selection and should be respected. The only bad thing with China is the governmental interference: it does not punish people for not having children, but punishes people for having more children. If not changed soon to let nature take its course, this man-made interference will kill the nation's future.
Feb 2, 2009 21:03
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To GUEST13290<

>DINK is similar to homosexuality< There are obvious differences between the two relationships! ^_^

>>The only bad thing with China is the governmental interference: it does not punish people for not having children, but punishes people for having more children. <<

In the past, a lot of Chinese people would identify with your points, but now more and more people have realized the significance of "One family, one kid"' policy. China is super-sized country in terms of population, which exerts great pressure on resources. China has a considerable surplus of manpower. If you have the chance to attend a job market in China, you will see hundreds of people are contending for one vacancy. According to China's National Statistic Bureau, due to the family planning policy, the nation has prevented 400 million births over the last 30 years, which in turn delayed the date when world's population outnumber 6 billions.
May 10, 2009 20:23
GUEST29191 In my opinion,a child makes a woman woman(beautiful).Moreover if you have a child,you will understand the hardship your parent have had and you will have a strong feeling to be a filial child.
Jul 15, 2009 16:09
GUEST46163 In Canada, many married couples are following this same lifestyle. Many of these couples were born here in Canada and are not newly immigrants.

May 30, 2016 06:46
Apr 28, 2018 20:38
GUEST43150 Whether a dink family can live happily is depended on where the couples are.
If they are in a foreign country, they may live freely and happily. But if they live in China, where attaches great importance to children, the Couples who don't want to have a children may have much stress coming from their parents and the mass public. Most people regard having no children as an irresponsible behavior.
Jul 12, 2018 09:06
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I agree, a lack of responcibility - the people I have cared for, in American rest homes, are very angry and very, very sad. No one cares about them; they have no one to share memories of a life. Ben Franklin wrote "If you should not be forgotten, when dead and rotten; write something worth reading, or live a life worth the writng". Children are your book of your life - if you are a good, caring parent. Never be the parent you think you saw in your mother and father, look carefully and learn what your child needs from you as a good parent.|SixSisters
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