Are Chinese people too hospitable?
Jan 20, 2008 01:46
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Chinese people is well-known as hospitality. At dining tables, the Chinese hosts are so hospital and try to make you feel at home. The hosts tried to make you well fed asked frequently: " do you want to have more?" In most cases, the hosts are out of good intention. However, for some westerners, some hosts are so hospital that they almost can not bear. There might be some cultral difference. In Chinese culture, the guests should be couteous and be reserved at dining table. So the hosts must show enough hospitality. Well, what do you think of Chinese people's hospitality? Are Chinese people "too hospital"?
Jan 20, 2008 01:50
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No. I think Irish people is very similar in many ways.
Jan 20, 2008 08:14
  • JCNILE123
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IF a western individual do not like the Chinese way, he/she do not need to be there.
He/she can go to France.
Jan 20, 2008 08:46
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Real hospitality and polite manners, nowadays You don´t see it too much. I feel Chinese hospitality comes from inside, it´s natural act from them. Me, it really doesn´t bother me.

Jan 20, 2008 15:49
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Chinese hospitality is a unique thing. I have never really thought about it since I live it day to day when people visit my home or I visit theres. One thing I will add though is that some hosts (like my dad) who will notice that a guest cannot reach a dish at a side of the table or not eating a dish he feels was the highlight of the dinner and actually serve him a portion with his own chopstick. For me I grew up like that with my uncles and aunts doing the same for me but I found some westerners to be grossed out by that and lose there appetite.
Jan 20, 2008 18:55
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I do not know about Chinese people in general since I don’t know all Chinese people. When I was in China and I dined out with my friend/friends, they would insist to pay for my meals. I know it is out of hospitality (and probably some “face” issue) but I also felt bad because I didn’t want to burden anyone just because I was there. They are far from being rich in the first place. As a tourist, I expected to pay for my meals. Add to that the fact that I love seafood and seafood costs more than the usual meals. And yes, when my friend noticed that I didn’t have enough on my plate, he would put some more using his own chopsticks, but I didn’t mind it, probably because in my country, close friends even share the same plate. They were even very attentive as to which kind of dish I like.

Now I am in a dilemma because I really want to see them again when I go to Beijing but I am dreading that the same scenario will happen again, that they will pay for my meals again. *sigh*
Jan 20, 2008 19:36
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"When I was in China and I dined out with my friend/friends, they would insist to pay for my meals. I know it is out of hospitality (and probably some “face” issue) but I also felt bad because I didn’t want to burden anyone just because I was there."

That is the Chinese way of hospitality. Chinese people want to show their guests how generous they are through treating the guests to a lavish dinner. That is also part of "face issue". Who two persons dining out together, who pays for the bill is kind of "face issue".
Apr 18, 2011 00:17
GUEST15876 i live in China for 9 years and i dont have anything agains chinese people
I just knowthe whatevery they show is FAKE and not real and I marriend a chinese girl and shetells me that Chiense show their FAKE smile to foreigners because they do nto want to lose face.
so the answe is not friendly
they do not have good manner either
come and see it for yourself and never believe anyone
I am doin business with Iranian people and been there for business
they really are friendly.
Chinese people are bit rude .
I go shopping and after i give them money and in return of change they hrow money to you
in restauran, they talk loud and spit noe hte floor while they are eating( Rarely ofcourse )
in stree you can see their spit every where
guys pls come and see it, please come and see it for yoruself
they do not know what love is and they marry because they want to have family and once they have kid , then both goes different dirction and usually married men having lovers is common in china
guys you can not believe it untill you see it yorself
PS: i dont have anything against chinese though
Jul 9, 2019 21:37
GUEST12203 They are not polite or hospitable at all! Even in places where being polite is necessary like in hotels. They are very rude and not understanding. They only care about money. They are racist and ignorant. They only like white skinned people because they think they have money. They spit everywhere. They let their kids piss or poop everywhere on the footpaths. They don't respect people's personal space or privacy (for example touching natural hair or black skin, and also looking into your phone when in public buses). They take pictures of you without your consent just because you look different from them. I've stayed their for a couple of years and I will never go back there.
Jul 22, 2019 01:34
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Never met :)
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