Women are going crazy about sinewy men
Jan 22, 2008 02:44
guestcloud Women are a rib of men. The saying has been outdated. The current situation is rib can not get rid of the whole body, but the ribs can cavil about the organic body. A general trend is that women become more and more obsessed with men’s muscle. In both China and the world, sinewy men are being favored by women.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is popular with tens of millions of women around the world. His charm originates from his sinewy muscle to a large extend.(No doubt his acting skill is also amazing)Does any scientific evidence supporting that women are attracted by those sinewy men? A recent survey carried out by a group of scientists in California University proves the women’s muscle-preference evidence is true. In the 100 male students, those male students who have sinewy muscle are more likely to have “one night stand” and “romantic relations” with women than those skinny men. It is no wonder that so many men are visiting the gyms to build up their muscles.
Jan 22, 2008 11:21
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we prefer bush / obama/ MS. CLINTON although they have less muscles.
Jan 22, 2008 11:23
  • GRIZ326
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People are only animals. Survival of the species requires that female animals breed with the strongest male animals. If the females don't breed the strongest males you get *plug your nationality in here* ;-) (just a joke)

The behavior is programmed into genetic code and the code of all of this planet's species.

Every autumn I get to see this in action with the deer herd; only the biggest, strongest bucks get to breed the does during the rut (mating season). Younger bucks may "get lucky" if the mating does not take and the doe comes back into heat.
Jan 22, 2008 19:31
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They do? So women are not that hard to understand, eh?

Hmm… maybe I have a very different genetic code then. A lot of lean guys are dreamboats in my eyes, like *cough* Masanobu Ando, for example. *dreamy sigh*

Ok, so I have a different taste in men, so sue me. *daydream mode* ^_^
Jan 22, 2008 19:32
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I am with Griz. We can apply Spencer's social Darwinism to explain the phenomenon. In the evolution history, women were once in an inferior postion for quite a long time. Physically, women do not have sinewy muscle to survive in the primitive wild. The safety need urged women to find a strong male partner to rely on. Why do women still like sinewy muscle? Because the preference might have been melted into the gene. BTW, sinewy muscle is the expression of masculine beauty.
Jan 29, 2008 03:51
  • JOHNNY512
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Sinewy men can protect women from wind and rain. Women are lovely just because they are feminine and tender.
Feb 1, 2008 20:05
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How can sinewy men protect women from wind and rain?
Feb 1, 2008 20:43
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"How can sinewy men protect women from wind and rain?"

Just buy a umbrella for her. If you are rich, you can buy a car. Very easy, right? Just kidding.
Feb 3, 2008 02:48
  • AL32
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Hi there,

Once again on this forum, a question which goes to the extreme and that is a global generalization. Why do we always want to find that one basket to fit all the eggs in???

Well, I can not talk for the women, but I'd say that although I am reasonably fit (thanks to all the biking I've been doing in China for the last 4 months!) and that don't have Arnold's muscles, I've learn to accept my body the way it is. For many years while I was younger I was not happy being a thin boy and not looking very strong. But now, I look around and I see guys my age with beer gutts and I find myself very lucky to have the six-pack but not the roundness of a keg on my belly. I also heard from many girls that a tight bum his something that they find very attractive in a man. So, I believe that yes having some muscles might be a plus (and not always the ones the most visible), but the easy answer to this thread is no matter how you look, it is way more important to feel good about yourself. And when comes to dating, one's self-confidence and a nice smile can win much more than big sinewy empty tanks.

And has far as protecting my girl goes: I'm not afraid of anyone!! lol. I might be smaller, but I'm quick, flexible and have high endurance... Just picture a fight between Arnorld and Jet Li: who would you put your money on? I put mine on the Chinese guy!! And if I'd be a women, I'd also chose to date him over the muscle monster....

My two jiao.. like I read on another post.

And * * * " Xin Nian Kuai Le " every one !!! * * *
Happy Year of the Mouse !!!
Feb 3, 2008 19:38
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"Just buy a umbrella for her. If you are rich, you can buy a car. Very easy, right? Just kidding."

Then you don’t need to be sinewy for that. LOL!

Great sense of humor, JimmyB! ^_^
Apr 8, 2017 08:15
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I actually go crazy about sinewy woman !

I'd love a sweetheart who can protect me (for fun ) and sweep me off my feet (for more fun )
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