ESL Certification
Feb 26, 2008 12:58
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Hi Everyone,

I am toying with the idea of changing career paths, but if I do it, I'd like to try an unusual approach. I am a native English speaker, college grad with a BA, former holder of a HS level Social studies teaching certificate. What I think I'd like to do is check out the possibility of some sort of an exchange program in which I could go to China and 1. teach ESL and get paid for my efforts, 2. earn my internationally recognized ESL certificate in the process, and 3. be qualified to teach ESL in American schools at the end of it. I know I sound like I'm asking a lot but there it is.
Feb 26, 2008 17:16
GUEST25104 Why don't you just do an AQ (additional qualification) course for ESL, and then you'll be able to teach ESL to children in your district school board?

If you want to teach adults that's a different matter, I believe. I think most school boards or publically funded programs (ie for new immigrants) require at least a 280 hour course (including practicum and observations) in order for you to learn a certificate to teach adults.

In Ontario (Canada), we need to do a

1) 140 hour (Level 1) certificate to teach in private institutes
2) additional 180 hours (Level 2) certificate to teach in district school board programs and federal government ESL programs
3) Masters degree to teach to university students in EAP programs.

When you go to China, I think there are Level 1 certificate programs are very common, but some schools are much better than others. I would rather go to a bigger training institute rather than a small sketchy one. Make sure you check that your home state will accept that training certificate, from that school, when you go back, or else you will have to do it ALL over again when you go back home. Some states / provinces have a list of approved schools and if you didn't graduate from one of their approved TESL training programs then they don't accept it. Alternately, get a CELTA. See if you can do a part-time CELTA while working in China. CELTA is internationally recognized.
Feb 27, 2008 10:12
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I don't think I have seen such arrangements in China, except perhaps some wvery wobbly certificates for short courses. I would suggest getting the qualification in your home country or from one of the major organisations such as a CELTA as G25104 suggests. I obtained a certificate from overseas as a 'distance student' by correspondence back in the stone age. It should be much easier now with the Net. If you work in the mainstream education system ie schools or colleges, not private langauge centres, you will have plenty of time to study. (But don't expect to put all the good stuff you learn into practice in China, education is only thinking of moving out of the stone age!)
Feb 28, 2008 12:01
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Hello Yemmie. You're not asking for a lot at all. Not only are your aspirations feasible, but indeed it's quite a simple undertaking coming to China to gain teaching ESL experience simply because of the fact that the demand for foreign English teachers here in China is very high. I should know as I was an English teacher myself for one year!

I'm with an organization called IEERA which stands for International English Education Research Association (check us out at We are an internationally recognized NGO specializing, inter alia, in TESOL training and certification. We can also place you at an educational institution and take care of all legal formalities, including a visa and residence permit.

If you're interested, please contact me at|chriscookson.ieera I look forward to hearing from you.
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