Sharon Stone calls China earthquake "karma"
May 27, 2008 21:01
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China earthquake has aroused global concern. The international community has been doing their best to give a helping hand to Chinese people. As far as I am concern, all the Chinese people around me are very grateful to people at this global village who have given their generous support and assistance to Chinese people through various channels. While people from all over the world were showing their condolence and concern for Chinese people, a cold-blooded Hollywood actress made a ruthless speech about China earthquake. She called China quake "karma" when she was accepting an interview at the Cannes Film Festival on May 24. Ironically, in 2007, she was invited to the Shanghai International Film Festival, where she praised China as "a great country". Sharon Stone's remark ignited widespread rage. I am wondering if that is the expression of the "Basic Instinct" of Sharon Stone.

May 27, 2008 21:10
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Dear All,

The problems with these celebrities or unfortunately many less-well traveled westerners are that (1) they think they know all about what's happening btw Tibet and China from their news report, (2) they are myopic enough to think that democracy is a cure-all for everyone nation. btw, Stone should apologise to the Chinese people as well as the Tibetan people who died in the earthquake. Her apologies should be accompanied by a significant donation of a couple of millions. Anything less is not proper. Maybe, she'll receive her KARMA too for speaking nonsense in this time of natural calamity.
May 27, 2008 22:45
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she almost faded away from celebs society, but astonishing 'karma' remind us of her existance. sweeping over replica plaza in Shanghai with 8 big bags of clerance fashion valued at 5000 USD? Sharon Stong anxiously needs public attention even though she's almost 50.Her age is big block in her career because she is not Judy Foster. Her statement, I am afraid, will bring her Karma from those passed souls.
May 27, 2008 23:21
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She is an ignorant actress who knows nothing but exposing her nudity to attract viewers. A cold-hearted actress. Her sponsor the fashion giant Christian Dior SA under LVMH group removed all of her movie products going on sale in China. Chinese consumers are boycotting the products.
May 28, 2008 04:53
GUEST7213 Chinese celebs condemned Sharonston on the internet. The TV star Huang Yi wrote about her in a blog article titled The One Who Ignore Lives, Has No Right to Discuss Lives. Sharon Stone has a heart of stone. She wantst to attract others' attention by making the heartless speech.
May 28, 2008 15:34
GUESTBIG MAN Sharon Stone: How about New Orleans & 911, God will punish you!
May 28, 2008 20:44
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I wouldn’t let this thing get to me if I were you. The same has been said of America when 9/11 happened. The same has been said of Indonesia when the Big Tsunami happened. It’s been said about many other countries, too. It’s just China’s turn. Welcome to the club.
May 28, 2008 22:10
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Sharon Stone sent an apology letter to Dior. Was it an sincere apology?

Shesgottobe, I can see what you mean. True. The same has been said of America when 9/11 happened. I heard some rude comments from some uneducated Asians(including some Chinese). Nevertheless, not a single Chinese celeb made such kinds of statements as Stone did on public occasions. Public figures' voices have a big influence. She made the negative statement at Cannes Film Festivals where all celebs gathered. Her voices spread across the whole world overnight. She knew the consequence of her speech as a public figure. She must have an agenda!
May 29, 2008 21:04
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I must agree with you. We MUST keep things in perspective. Sharon Stone is a second rate movie actress whose brain was obviously a little slow in catching up with her mouth.

As Iracubet suggests, her knowledge of China is probably zero, her comment is worth less than that.

The American government, people and expats have donated significant amounts of money to aid those affected by the earthquake - and this seems to have been completely forgotten. All that is remembered is some brainless actress's ill-thought out comments...
May 29, 2008 22:41
  • CHERRY07
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Sharon Stone has made an apology for what he said in Cannes. However, Chinese netizens said that they wouldn't accept her apology. Some people said that the real purpose of her apology was to save Dior's reputation. And those netizens have called on Chinese people to resist Sharon Stone, not watching her movies, not buying the cosmetics represented by her....
Jun 3, 2008 14:32
  • GRIZ326
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We have an expression, "consider the source" and this is clearly a case where that applies. She should have saved the oxygen she wasted with her disingenuous apology to help the environment.
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