Visa to China with recent dui on record
Jun 3, 2008 17:29
guest85122 I was recently convicted of a DUI (about 4 months ago). I completed arrangements to visit Beijing for the Olympics (airfare, hotel, game events, etc.) about 5 1/2 months ago before the conviction. SHOULD I CHECK YES TO THE CRIMINAL RECORD QUESTION ON THE VISA APPLICATION? If I select no what are the chances that a problem may occur. I will be going to the Chinese Consulate in a couple weeks to apply in person. I am really worried about this and I need help fast!
Jun 3, 2008 23:48
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Is DUI a criminal offence these days or just a public nuisance??????
Jun 3, 2008 23:53
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You're not likely to get to drive in China and I don't think DUI is an offence here. At least it doesn't seem to deter intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Sorry I can't answer your question but they are not likely to do a criminal check on you if everything else about your application is satisfactory.
Unless someone else has any relevant information.
Jun 4, 2008 10:30
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Just apply for the visa and say nothing. Sure there are laws on DUI but they are seldom enforced, just like most laws in China! If you are a member of a minority ethnic group which believes in honesty at all costs, declare the DUI, but it will not be an issue........... unless u are unlucky enough to get a new recruit who is following the rule book ........ So just bloody keep quiet, ok?
Jun 5, 2008 19:52
GUEST41951 I agree. The purpose of a visa is to collect money. No way are they going to check your criminal record, as you haven't signed anything allowing them to (note that there ARE rights in the US, unlike China...). Anyways, don't fret, just file the application and put in the answers they want to see.
Jun 28, 2008 11:12
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maybe it depends on what kind of visa? A year long visa might be different than a simple tourist visa. I was convicted of a crime but I went to China as a tourist last year (before they had the question about a criminal record) I thought nothing of it. I got to go to China but maybe if you want to work there you would be denied after a search.
Nov 13, 2009 13:54
GUEST83158 Just wanted to offer my 2 cents - I was convicted of a first offense DUI (misdemeanor in GA) in 9/09 and successfully received a Chinese tourist VISA. I acknowledged I had a criminal record and simply attached a piece of paper describing the incident and how I had fulfilled all of my rehabilitation and had learned from my mistake. No problems whatsoever and I am all set to spend Christmas and New Years in China.

Also, I did not apply in person and used instead.
Nov 15, 2009 19:00
GUEST87220 just mark "no" NEVER admit anything on paper
Jan 5, 2010 13:55
GUEST16760 I am sure that you already know this since your question was about one or two years ago. I just applied for my chinese L visa because I am going to China to teach English. I have two DUI's on my record and admitted that on the application with a VERY brief explanation of what happened. I was issued my visa with absolutely no problems. I read several passages on this thread that spoke about a man named Michael who works with a company called I didn't know about him until I read some of the responses but he is very good about keeping in contact with you on the whole process. I would suggest using him but I don't know if I would have gotten the same outcome with any other I just like his promptness in getting the job done and mailed back to me. I also spoke with several people in China.. my boss and another school principal who told me that DUI's were absolutely nothing in China and that my visa would get approved no problem. I hope this helps anybody reading it. I was a complete mess, so excited about going and had that DUI question looming over my head and hell I couldn't even sleep. I feel MUCH better now :)
Jan 6, 2010 01:24
GUEST87220 yeah but I have misdemeanor stalking. I want to teach. should I admit it or keep quiet. Of course if no check is done AND no police certificate is required that's a different story.
Jan 6, 2010 05:41
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Pease check for other threads where this has been discussed in detail. The general view is that there is no check.

Previous post.......get an L visa to teach..... L visa to visit as a tourist, to work, a Z visa only an L visa will put you outside the law.......has Michael really handled things so well?
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