Visa Electron - Can I use it?
Jun 25, 2008 07:14
guestRee Hello all,

I'm travelling out to China at the end of August to spend a year over there. I'll be based in Nanning but intend to travel as much as I can. My query is simply this - I have a Visa Electron card and I'm just wondering whether this will be accepted in ATM's over there?

On the advice of a friend who has travelled to China several times, he mentioned VISA dominates. So I switched current accounts (as I had a Maestro card) and I've been given a VISA Electron as opposed to a VISA debit card. I mainly want to use it for ATM withdrawals and I'm fully aware of the charges I'll incur from my card issuer.

I'm about 60% sure I've answered my own question but it'd be great to get a response.

Many thanks
Jun 27, 2008 08:45
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Withdrawal from ATM in China will cost you a lot of more.
If you will stay here for one year,please open a local account.
The bak best for travel is ,China post Bank.or agriculture Bank of China.
The advantage is even in the mosr rural place in China ,you can reach their branch.
But they are farmer bank, service not as good as CCB ,BOC,CIBC.
Jul 18, 2008 01:18
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yes, your Visa Electron card will be accepted in Guangxi ATM's, the best bank is Bank of China
Jul 18, 2008 19:02
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VISA Electron costs me around 10 bucks AUD for a withdrawal of 3,000 yuan - expensive? But more to the point, using credit cards (VISA, M/C and AMEX quite difficult in many areas including big cities such as Tianjing.
Jul 23, 2008 06:49
GUESTREE Thanks for your replies - at least there's one less thing to worry about now!!
Jul 23, 2008 23:04
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well, for most capital city in china, you can use VISA for consume, (only in some big shopping mall and hotel ),so I advise you take some cash with you
Apr 27, 2009 19:18
GUEST88134 Do many local Chinese use Visa Credit cards? I'm wondering if mainly tourists use Visa cards. How many of the Chinese citizens use Visa?
May 3, 2009 20:55
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No idea. Most of them are using domestic credit cards, not international.
Aug 13, 2009 12:00
GUEST51043 most of chinese would like to use their local credit card.
and i think they prefer cash much more.
just take some cash.
it should be nice. good luck
Aug 16, 2010 16:33
GUEST80111 well , thanks for asking the question because I´m also wondering wether links such as Plus or Visa can be used in ATM , I'll be in Nanjing city ,
Aug 16, 2010 20:16
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The major cards are no problem at all.....not sure about Plus though.
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