jiuhuashan / huangshan questions
Jul 21, 2008 08:36
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I plan to visit jiuhuashan and Huangshan during the week from 22 to 26 September. I arrive by plane in Tunxi on Monday 22 evening, and was thinking of the following route:

Take a bus to Jiuhuashan the next day ( Tuesday 23), spend that day and the following one there (23 and 24) and then head to Taiping (either in the afternoon or the next morning). I then plan to ascend Huangshan by the north side, the next day (25), spend the night there, explore further the next morning (Friday 26) and then head down the western way back to Huangshan / Tunxi and take the night train to Guilin (K155 (W.Nanjing-Kunming)) the next day. I have a few questions here

1. Does this make sens at all / is there a more convenient way to do it. I'm not fuss in which order I do Huangshan and Jiuhuashan

2. Ideally I'd like to go from jiuhuashan to Taiping the 24 evening and sleep in Taiping to catch the cable car early, but I'm not sure if this is feasible (bus ? Taxi ? I can't find specific infos) or if I need to spend the 24 evening in jiuhuashan.

3. Is there any chance to get a sleeper in the Huangshan / Guilin train (through agencies if need be) as I believe it is the first day of the 1 October week.

4. do you have good places to recommend (in the mid-range price) for the nights.

Thanks in advance

Jul 21, 2008 09:09
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1)Sounds fine to me.
2) I think the latest bus leaves in the early afternoon or at noon.
3) Pretty much impossible.
4) For 25th, I would usually recommend Baiyun Hotel or Guangmingding Shanzhuang, regardless of what price range you're looking at.
Jul 21, 2008 16:53
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Hi Ellyse,

Thanks for your quick and useful answer.

Re point 4, is there any way to increase the chance of having the ticket. Like booking long in advance (I have an agency that proposes booking 2 month in advance, i.e. about now :, or booking the bed from start of the train in Nanjing. I could even get a non sleeper seat if there's a better chance to get the ticket...

Other altrenative for the travel I have is night bus / train from Huangshan to Shanghai then fly to Guilin on the next day, but I'm not sure if it's any more likely to work, and it's much more expensive.

I'm fully aware that travelling can be hard during the 1 October week, which is why I try to go to Yuangshuo before it and spend one week exploring the area without travelling.

Jul 22, 2008 00:30
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Look, all train tickets only go on sale 10 days in advance anyway, so any online agency that says they can get them 2 months in advance is just going to take your money and then queue up at the train station 10 days beforehand anyway, not 2 months beforehand.
Besides, the train doesn't originate in Huangshan, and is a long-distance train going to Kunming, not terminating in Guilin. Sleepers would've been sold to Nanjing, mostly for people going to Kunming. Huangshan wouldn't get a share of the sleeper tickets. If you buy a ticket starting in Nanjing but don't board at that station, the conductor will treat it as a no-show and has the right to sell the bunk on to someone else who wants to upgrade. Then by the time you get on the train, you'll have no bunk anyway, waste of money. Hard seat might be possible, but uncomfortable for such a long distance. Not too much hope of getting that upgrade.
Best suggestion is to take a bus (3 hours) to Hangzhou and then fly to Guilin.
Any more queries please email directly to|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username (eg JDelmaire) in the subject line, thanks.
Aug 5, 2008 04:51
GUEST29200 Hi,I think the first you had better to stay in tunxi ,because the plane often very late when arrive huangshan,by the way ,the train ticket are usually five days in advance to buy,I am very gald to help when you arrive huangshan,i can help you to book the hotel and arrangements for tourist routes.Any queries please email directly to|hurongfeng0559 .
Aug 6, 2008 01:42
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If you stay in Tunxi, I would like to recommend
Koala Youth Hostel(Old Street Branch)
Add:No.266 Old Street,Tunxi District,Huangshan City,Anhui,China.
This is a newly built hostel, right inside the nice old town with very helpful staff.
Aug 6, 2008 03:05
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Actually, that place has been around for awhile already...
May 17, 2010 01:08
GUEST01130 Hi all,

Just a word of caution; Please bring your own incense to JIuhua shan or putuo shan from your own country (there is no such thing as better buy from temple.) Believe me (its my own experience).

Feb 26, 2012 06:56
GUEST02192 Hi, i am from singapore...any idea how can i get to jiuhuashan from here.

Pls email me at|yayapapaya.cheng88, thnx.
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