What's the weather like in huangshan in october?
Sep 9, 2008 13:10
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i will be traveling to huangshan from october 14th-16th and was wondering what the weather will be like on the top of the mountain? should i bring a heavy jacket? i'm from colorado so am used to cold weather. also, i'll be staying at Xihai hotel, will there be a large language barrier on top of the mountain (ie if i want to go to a restaurant to eat do many people speak english at the top)? any suggestions would be GREAT!!! Thanks!
Sep 9, 2008 17:16

I can't answer specifics on that location but I can offer some general advice... Anywhere at elevated altitude in going to be not only cool at best, but as subject to changes in weather - as you're from Colorado, just image that, but in China and prepare accordingly. As for the level of English, take something like the Lonely Planet phase book which has a good section on ordering food and accommodation and also Goolge for a Mandarin Guide (with sound clips). You've still likely mess it up, but they will love the fact that you tried and treat you better for it. Anyways, with the phrasebook, you can still show them what you want...

Sep 9, 2008 20:46
GUEST29199 Hello, the weather maybe very cool when you arrive huangshan on October,you had better bring a jacket .There are not a large language barrier on top of the mountain ,but you will meet different country pepole on the mountain.if you want to stay at xihai hotel ,you need to book the hotel before you arrive ,more question you can sent e-mail to me|hurongfeng0559 .Holp you enjoy youself in huangshan.
Sep 17, 2008 01:30
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Weather in October in China will be cool and it's good for traveling.But it maybe cold on the mountain at night.You'd better take a heavy jacket with you.i take one when i visited there last May.
As for the language barrier,taking a phrasebook is ok.But my friend had a better idea to get though that.She got a smart phone from Yoyooy company when she came over to me last week.This little phone was really has a installed E-phrasebook and can pronounce both in English and Chinese.What's more,its powerful GPS navigation system with English map alway clearly presented where we were.And also, we can make a call to Yoyooy live English assistance for help whenever we need some recomendations.Haha, these girls at the service center all spoke proficient English.
Here you can find it:
Jul 4, 2009 01:33
GUEST32103 hello. i'm going to china in october and i just want to ask what are the must see places and events during this period. thanks a lot. :)
Jul 8, 2009 02:11
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Too vague. You don't say what your sightseeing interests/preferences are, how long you have in the country, etc. No one will be able to answer that kind of open-ended question.
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