Will you kneel down before your teachers for gratitude?
Sep 12, 2008 02:07
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Sep. 10 is the Teachers' Day. Several parents in Dongguan of Guangdong Province brought their children to thank their teachers. They didn't bring precious gifts to the teachers. Instead, their children knelt before their teachers to show their respect and gratitude.

Those children's behaviour has caused a discussion. Some people think that it was a bit exaggerated to kneel down before your teachers. A bow is enough. But a professor says that kneeling is a way to show your respect to a "reverend" person and the teachers are "reverend" persons. So it is ok to kneel down before your teachers.

Will you kneel down before your teachers to show your gratitude?

Sep 12, 2008 04:20
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There are many ways to show your gratitude to your teachers. Why do you have to kneel down before them?
Jul 24, 2009 00:54
GUEST10248 Kneel down only to our Living Lord God who created us. Not to anybody or anything else.
Jul 29, 2009 23:11
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I'm a chinese,I never did such thing,but I also respect my teachers.
Aug 2, 2009 12:53
GUESTMICHEL ... I don't think that teachers are people who really deserve to kneel down before ! they're just real persons like everybody and not always good ones! they do teach you but they get paid to do it that's their job there's nothing awesome about it! if you wanna contact me :|MichelYoussef
Aug 3, 2009 02:06
GUEST1314 I will only kneel before my parents, my wife .... and God. Nobody else.
Dec 30, 2013 12:55
GUEST13043 According to old Chinese teachings, a teacher holds the second highest respect, next to the Emperor, from the people.

Of course time has changed. But our culture still respect our teachers. In Chinese communities, there are many instances that students still kneel to his/her teachers.
Dec 30, 2013 20:11
GUEST9945 I don't know if it is compulsory to do this. To me, kneeling down to teachers makes me feel that I am inferior to my teachers. We have many other ways to show our respect and gratitude to our teachers, sending them flowers, post cards etc.
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