South Korean women seek "One Night Stand" in Beijing’s bars
Oct 7, 2008 22:49
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A South Korean news agency reported yestday that reams of South Korean women flocked into the Lady’s Bars in Beijing seeking “One Night Stand”. South Korean middle-aged housewives and Korean students studying in Beijing are the main force. The reporters disguised as customers called on a bar near Beijing International Exhibition Center. The bar was crowed with Korean women. They drank wines and flirted with the young, handsome guys. The basic cost is 200 Yuan per customer, and the cost of wine and snacks is not included. The business seemed to be thriving.

Over years, Asian women have been thought to be virtuous and faithful. In the case of One Night Stand, women were usually thought to the victims of one night stand. South Korea is the pioneer of Asia to embrace the western influence. Their women have become bolder and are open to one night stand.
Oct 13, 2008 04:56
GUEST5651 A little strange! Why do they come to Beijing to seek "One Night Stand"?
Oct 13, 2008 06:29
Unless you understand the Koreans,you would know that Korean Women in bars,and seducing men,does not happen,regardless of what country they are in.The
story tellers are just that,as its felt that none of these stories are of people they can not distinguish from Chinese and South Korean.Koreans do not do this sort
of openess looking for men.Korean women are true to their own way of life,which does not include this type of action.
Oct 13, 2008 09:56
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i think maybe the korean man cant satisfy them or they dont want to be recognized.
Oct 13, 2008 20:41
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BY needs to read this thread. LOL
Oct 13, 2008 21:38
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The resurrection of BLUEYANK? It sounds that BY understand South Korean women very well. "Korean women are true to their own way of life,which does not include this type of action." Why are you so sure, BY? How many Korean women are you acquainted with?
Oct 15, 2008 00:03
  • GRIZ326
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Modern women do what they want to do - nationality doesn't matter.
Nov 19, 2008 23:29
GUEST46136 what ever it is women from any country shoud do what ever they like to do.and never forced to do waht she don"t like to do
Nov 20, 2008 19:56
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What is so surprising about this? The problem is the stereotype that Asian women are "virtuous and faithful". News flash! Not all. If some men are capable of one-night stands, why not some women as well?
Nov 20, 2008 21:45
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Hey SHE,
Yes, Asian women are no longer as virtuous and faithful as the previous generations of women, but in a broad picture Asian women are still more traditional than western women. Well, in my view, though South Korea is an East Asian country geographically, but culturally it has been westernized or americanized. South Korea is the most westernized country in East Asia.
Mar 3, 2009 19:09
GUEST85074 because beijing is cheap.. many japanese women are visiting seoul for the same reason. and guys are usually doing more. you should know about why so many japanese and korean man are *touring* china.
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