Life in Liuzhou
Nov 29, 2008 10:02
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My fiance lives in Liuzhou China. I was there last year and had a wonderful time. I have read many articles and have talked with my fiance about the people, culture and many things. But I was wondering if there is anybody that has some personal experience visiting or living in this city. I plan on going back in Janurary to visit my fiance and her family. I will be there through Chinese New Year. I guess I'm just currious.
Dec 7, 2008 09:50
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I first went to Liuzhou in February, 2007 to meet and get to know a lady I met on the internet. I went back in May to marry her. I visited two times after that while we waited for our Immigration Application to be processed. Now we live together in Canada. Altogether I've spent about 5 months in Liuzhou. I think it's a romantic city, especially at Chinese New Year in the downtown area and in the parks by the river. If the weather is warm, it's wonderful to go to the parks in the evening. Groups of people meet there to dance, sing and do Tai Chi. I urge you to make a great effort to learn to speak Mandarin. The Liuzhou dialect is different but nowadays everyone studies Mandarin at school. Read as much as you can about Chinese history and culture. If your fiancee's family and friends form a positive opinion of you, they will support your relationship in the coming years.
Dec 7, 2008 10:19
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Thanks for the info, I was impressed when I visited Liuzhou also. It was in June of 2008 that I visited Liuzhou and the heat and humidity was something that this guy from Montana had to get use to. But I had a wonderful time, I seem to get along with my fiance family just fine. Although, I could not understand there language. My fiance can speak english fairly good so she was my interpreter. Since then I have been studying manderine and hopefully when I visit in Jan. I'll be able to communicate in thier dialect somewhat. I'm also sure the weather will be a little cooler. Did you marry in China or in Canada? How long did it take to get Visa's? Thanks for all the info, if you have any other helpfull suggestions let me know.

Jan 1, 2013 06:15
GUEST13175 Ha! I just had to reply to ur post.Its Jan,2013 and Im traveling to Liuzhou to meet my Chinese girlfriend Mother to ask her for permission to marry her daughter.And im going to be their during Chinese New Year as well like you..But the only difference is my Beautiful bride to be asks for me to stay in a Hotel at nite.Because she afraid of what her mom might say....Ha! Crazy!So did this happened to you to? ~~Manny
Jan 4, 2013 00:50
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You two are still unmarried. Please remember this. She asks you to stay at a hotel at night because her mom must be very traditional. My guess! Her mom will not accept premarital sex.
Jan 8, 2013 16:33
GUEST24212 Manny,
Do as she asks you, stay at a local hotel at night and you will be rewarded by a good in laws.
Jan 28, 2014 05:40
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I will be in Liuzhou for a month starting in late February. I was wondering if there are any expats living or working there. Is there any kind of English speaking community at all? Perhaps an English Corner, or a restaurant or pub that caters to English speaking patrons? I'm looking forward to my visit. Thanks in advance for your replies. Ron. Denver, CO USA
Sep 9, 2014 11:11
GUEST34186 Hi there, I currently live in Liuzhou and was wondering the same thing. Did you find any information out you could share?
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