9-year-old boy parades in nude after failing to get the highest score in exam
Dec 16, 2008 03:17
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A 9-year-old boy was forced by his father to parade in nude in the cold winter when after he failed to obtain the highest score in his grade, sources from the Wuchang City in Hubei Province.

The pupil has been ranking the firs place in his grade. This time he ranked the fifth among hundreds of his fellow peers. His father punished him by forcing him to parade nude in the cold day with a board hanging on his neck. His father uses a leather belt to beat him. The board hanging on his bosom was the promise that the boy has made before the exam.

The characters on the board reads: if I fail to get the highest score in the final exam, I will stand at the front gate of the school with this board hanging on my neck. I keep my words!

What do you think about this father?

Dec 16, 2008 05:00
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My thoughts about the father are a little too crude to publish on here.
Dec 16, 2008 11:49
Ditto to Gaffers comment although to keep it polite he's a scumbag.

Dec 16, 2008 15:31
GUESTPOLA Judging others by your own well-nourished bourgeois standards is easy.

"His mother said the boy is told to do a lot of homework every day.

"His father hopes he will get a doctoral degree," she told the newspaper. The parents are both street vendors with little education, the report said.

A lawyer told the newspaper the father's actions infringed the boy's personal dignity and could leave him with emotional scars.

The father promised not to treat his son like this any more after police and neighborhood committee officials visited the family's home."

The school had done little effort to find out or remedy the boys' circumstances.
Dec 16, 2008 18:56
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Although I agree with Gaffer and Alan’s comments we need to keep this in perspective..
It wasn’t that long ago that corporal punishment was allowed in English schools. I have been the recipient of many a slippering by a teacher in front of the class along with many others who were just being children. Fantastic for ones self esteem.
Times change. Lets hope that public pressure will help this father understand that there are better ways of encouraging effort.
Dec 17, 2008 06:58
Yep, I had the slipper too on many occassions plus the cane once or twice and even a relay baton on my backside and then shoved in the swimming pool, boy did that sting, that Welsh sports teacher always had it in for me, just because I prefered playing football to rugby.
Dec 17, 2008 20:49
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"What do you think about this father?"

I think the father should be made to go to work naked with a board hanging on his neck that says 'I do not deserve to become a father.' That way, he would know how it feels.

I can understand that he wants his child to be an achiever, but there are so many ways to make that happen.
Dec 20, 2008 21:11
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The father who physically abused his son should be in jail. Doesn't he know that his kid is not a machine. His kid at first is human. The kid needs more caring encouragement and parents' love.
Dec 22, 2008 22:19
GUEST16441 The boys father is a sadist and should be condemd to parades in nude
himself. If i had been present at that time, i would have beaten him up
really hard. This is criminal!
Dec 24, 2008 15:28
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The father needs to be beat not the child. Cruel people like him don't deserve to be called "human"
Dec 29, 2008 21:00
GUESTAPAO i think the father should be made to parade in the nude for giving his son so much unwarranted pressure. Adults should treat children with love and kindness not pressure or humiliate them. The father needs education more than the son.
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