Long Shot - Help Getting to Qufu
Aug 6, 2009 22:53
guestMichael I don't know if anyone out there can answer this question before it is too late, but I would be grateful for any help you can supply.

I am traveling to Qufu from Beijing, leaving tomorrow. I am planning on taking the train to Jinan and catching the bus from there to Qufu. I arrive in Jinan at 8:00 in the evening. All the sites I have seen say that the buses from Jinan to Qufu leave all day, but you need to check the last departure time or you will be stuck in Jinan all night. I need to determine whether I should go ahead and book a hotel in Jinan (I would much rather not if not necessary) or whether I can count on catching a bus to Qufu tomorrow night.

Does anyone happen to know whether there is a general "rule of thumb" for how late buses of this nature run in China, or does anyone have any ideas how I can find a specific answer for this particular question?

Many thanks in advance for help with this question!
Aug 7, 2009 01:05
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SORRY, I can not help you, cause I am not familar with that city, I am in Guangzhou, if you are in Guangzhou, maybe I can give a nice anwser :)
Aug 8, 2009 22:41
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I wonder why the previous person bother replying just to say that he doesn't know the answer?! Good grief!
Latest bus for Jinan -- Qufu seems to be at 1830, so you should look at staying the night in Jinan and then travelling to Qufu the next morning.
Aug 10, 2009 09:37
GUESTMICHAEL Ellyse, thank you very much or your reply. I am sorry but I have been out of internet contact for a few days, so I am just now getting your message.

You are absolutely right, I arrived too late in Jinan to take the bus that night. I ended up staying at the Jinan Railway Hotel, which I recommend highly! It is right there at the bus station, and a three-star room was only 155 rmb. I caught the bus the next morning right across from the station, and I have just had a wonderful two days in Qufu. Spend all day today wandering through the Kongzi Family Cemetary and visiting the tomb of Kongzi (Confucious). What a magical place. Thanks again for your reply!
Aug 11, 2009 22:46
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Oh, I stayed there before as well! :) What a coincidence.
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