Chinese like western food, showing face or enjoying taste?
Aug 25, 2009 22:07
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Western food has reeived a warm welcome in China. It is no surprise to see that crowds of Chinese people dining at western fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut. Have you ever think about why western food products are valued in China? Do Chinese really like the taste of western food? Hmm, some Chinese guys do like the taste. Nevertheless, a vast number of Chinese don’t. Actually, the popularity of western food in China has less to do with the taste, insteand has more to do with Chinese desire to show “status” or face in the fast growing Chinese economy. Dining at a western food chain may mark “you are middle-class” in the opinion of some Chinese. Some guys do have fallen in love with the alien flavor. Do you like Chinese food or western food? Do you think why western food is becoming popular in China? Are Chinese people more interested in showing face than enjoying taste?
Aug 26, 2009 13:45
  • SETH
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Frankly I would hope the Chinese people show some intelligence and judgement and NOT eat fat-ladened artery clogging western food. Knowing the ingredients of many Chinese dishes (since I really enjoy cooking Chinese food), Chinese dishes are healthier and tastier than most western foods.

I can't see it as a status symbol eating at McDonalds and KFC.
Aug 26, 2009 17:55
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Compared with the western food sold in China with the one in North America, I go with western food in China which caters to Chinese taste.
Aug 26, 2009 18:09
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When I was in Indonesia I went to a Kentucky fried chicken place. Not a good choice. I slept in the bathroom. The ingredients there were not like at home. Never again. The Chinese food there was good.
Aug 26, 2009 21:19
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Yea, I agree. Chinese eating foreign food is much more of showing face than enjoying the taste. "Face issue" is in essence a reflection of "vanity". Honestly, I admit we women are particularly vain. Last night, two friends invited me to dine out at a western food restaurant. Frankly, I don't like the taste of steak and cheese. When they asked me where we should dine out(Chinese restaurant or western food restaurant), despite my real desire is to eat Chinese noodles with distinct Chinese flavor, I still tell them to dine out a western food restaurant. It is just for sake of "showing face", because dining out at a western food restaurant is a fashion for young Chinese people of my generation. Though I don't like the taste of steak and the western food is much more expensive than Chinese food, I choose to dine out with my friends at the western food restaurant. Sigh, we Chinese do value "face"! I can't complain about it, because I am also addicted to it.
Aug 27, 2009 08:40
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I enjoy real chinese food & am amazed that so many young Chinese eat at McDonalds/KFC, I understand "face" but you should all be so proud of your own quality food!
Aug 30, 2009 23:19
GUEST1684 Western junk food hypes are all around China.Chinese people, you have tasty, healthy and nutritious Chinese food. Why do you like the junk food selling at the KFCs and Mcs? It's time to wake up!
Sep 2, 2009 22:39
GUESTWESLEY Are Chinese people's stomach westernized? I think you are blessed with the tasty Chinese dishes. The Lazhou LaMian is really a delicacy. I had the noodles for lunch everyday when I was in Gansu Province.
Sep 5, 2009 06:11
GUESTAM We shouldn't attach too much importance to 'face' when dining on western or non-Chinese food. Now that there are more foreign restaurants in the bigger Chinese cities, more Chinese would be able to sample foreign cuisine.

In Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand for instance, the huge ethnic Chinese communities there have enjoyed cuisines from all over the world for decades. To many, Western cuisine form part of their diet, in addition to their own Chinese food. Over time, i am sure segments of Chinese society will acquire a taste for Western food (i'm not referring to fast-food); although traditional Chinese cuisine is still the best. I have loved Chinese food for years and continue to thrive on it nearly everyday.
Oct 8, 2010 16:53
  • ALABAMA2010
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Originally Posted by GUESTWESLEY

Are Chinese people's stomach westernized? I think you are blessed with the tasty Chinese dishes. The Lazhou LaMian is really a delicacy. I had the noodles for lunch everyday when I was in Gansu Province.

pretty much agree! China are rich in food culture they have fine dish that you can take over the world. They are blessed with this dishes..
Oct 11, 2010 00:54
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I think the eating of western food issue is too late. I recdently saw a documentary showing overweight Chinese kids who now like KFC or Mac food.

If you dont clamp down on it you will start to look like many fat people who rely on this type of food as a regular diet.
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