Study: shy males tend to be more violent and aggressive
Sep 3, 2009 03:29
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U.S researchers from the Shyness Institute in Indiana say that shy males are more likely to suffer from cynical shyness that predominantly influence males and can give rise to violent behavior. Psychologist Bernardo Carducci, PhD, and Kristin Terry Nethery, BA, made the conclusion after conducting an analysis of the school shooting cases in the last decade in the USA. The perpetrators share some personal and social indicated of shyness: lack of empathy, low tolerance for frustration, anger outburst, and social rejection from peers, bad family relations and access to weapons.

The shy males on campus are often reserved, uncommunicative, unsocial and very eager to be socially engaged with other peers. Unfortunately, due to poor social skills, they are often rejected and then avoid social connections. Repeated rejection can intensify feelings of hurts and finally turn into anger and hatred. The extreme form of shyness, cynical shyness, can generate violence and lead these males to become violent, revengeful and aggressive. Communication and get the shy guys involved in the social circle may be a way to help them and yourself out of the violence and trouble.
Sep 7, 2009 12:25
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I have seen this behavior in High school with a boy who minded his business and was shy and a bookworm. Not a popular person and a athletic punk jock type person would feed on this persons weaknesses. One day after school the athletic punk tried to start a fight with the shy boy and the shy boy "snapped" kicking the living hell out of the Athlete. It was very funny seeing the Athlete bruised badly from the shy boy. The above research statement is true! I have seen this myself. Dont go and hit a wasps nest with a stick if they are not bothering you. LB
Sep 8, 2009 00:29
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It sounds to me like the Shyness Institute needs to keep coming up with reasons for its continued funding. How much do they get paid to come up with this type of drivel?
I don’t care how down trodden a person feels. Sane people do not run around randomly shooting people.
The students involved in these shooting were completely mad.
The Shyness Institute seems to imply that it is our fault for not making them feel wanted, loved, care for and cherished. Give me a break!
What does make people withdrawn however is smoking too much dope.
How many of these students were on drugs?
Sep 9, 2009 06:56
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So when i date a shy man, i should consider studying kongfu beforehand?
Sep 9, 2009 10:27
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well, i just feel shy is kinda feminine thing, not my type, they are more sensitive and tentative.
some ways they are quiet,keep things and let you guess,mysterious, that may arouse girls nature of being a mother,
and you should think it over and over if you wanna make a fun of him,
I more like guys who are direct and confident and could LOL with me without a blush on their face,the blush will make me feel unease and embarrassing . ^o^
Sep 9, 2009 22:43
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Shy people are just like volcano. They will unleash immense power when they burst out.
Nov 11, 2010 00:37
GUEST110 I m a very shy person, so i have to say to this shyness Institute should make it clear with the "extrem shy"...
I try to talk to people, i do talk to other people and sometimes i m accepted sometimes not. But i guess its kind of right... in my schooltime it had been worse, my classmates or teachers also didnt helped in any way and made it mostly worse...
The story LARRYBOY told could have been me.. after this i had no problems from anybody anymore...
But yes first they creat the "monster" by mocking the person and then everybody wonders why???
Nov 17, 2010 02:59
  • KEVIN0518
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Originally Posted by RACHELCAI

So when i date a shy man, i should consider studying kongfu beforehand?

Kungfu is not necessary. A gun is enough.
Nov 17, 2010 03:03
  • KEVIN0518
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To GUEST110,

Shy people are usually very sensitive. Sometimes, you may misunderstand other people. They aren not mocking at you. They just want to make a joke.
Nov 28, 2010 18:08
GUEST110 to KEVIN0518
mmh sure.. but about a joke normally 2 can laugh, there you can see the difference to laugh with somebody or about somebody.
there shy people need more understanding from those who make the joke.. we also understand that you just try to be funny (mostly)
Also it is not as with your friends... you say something funny about them, they about you...
We wont say funny things about you so its then mostly you who makes fun about us and then we will get more the feeling that you are mocking us.
If you wanna help us to be active then try another way...

But Yeah.. i understand what you mean... but many things happend because of miss understanding....
Jun 11, 2012 00:12
GUEST98162 I am a shy person and I agree that not being able to communicate properly and an upbringing that didnt help the shyness all makes a person a bit messy when they 'explode'.
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