Worst cities for air pollution?
Feb 28, 2005 02:53
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Da jia hao! Hello, all, I am new here, and I'm thinking of going to China to teach English for one year. My biggest concern is air pollution. I'm trying to find out which cities are the most polluted. I just spent about three hours searching on the Internet, and couldn't find any web sites that list current air pollution information on Chinese cities. Plus, I found a lot of conflicting information.

Does anybody know of such a website? Ideally, I could get a list of *all* of the major cities in China, and see how they rank.

Alternatively, does anybody know how bad the pollution is in Hanzhong, Jinan, and/or Guiyang?

Apologies if this has been asked before -- I did a quick search here on this forum, and didn't see anything exactly matching my question.

(Ma Kairui)
Feb 28, 2005 17:20
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Guanzhou may be the worst polluted city among the cities i have been to,followed by xi'an.
Feb 28, 2005 17:21
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I presume Taiyuan is the worst among all, worse than Guangzhou and Xi'an.
Feb 28, 2005 17:50
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Other heavily polluted cities: Lanzhou, Changsha, Jinan, Beijing, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Liuzhou,Datong, Shijiazhuang.

The following cities are the ones with better air for living:
Haikou(the best according to statistics),Zhuhai,Xiamen,Qingdao, Dalian,Shanghai, Beihai, etc.

^_^just for your reference
Oct 23, 2010 22:18
GUEST04113 Most Chinese cities are terribly polluted. Anyone who has asthma or regular respiratory problems should AVOID CHINA LIKE THE PLAGUE. Very little has changed over the last few years, except for car exhausts replacing the now modernized private coal heatings. It's a great country for many different reasons but they are truly wrecking the environment.
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