Need Help to contact police in NANYANG HENAN
Dec 8, 2009 21:22
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I ordered and paid for equipment from on 2 Nov 2009, and equipment did not arrive. All contact with is ignored.

Can anyone assist?

The details are below:

Bank wire transfer information
Bank name:Bank of China HENAN NanYang branch
3.City: nanyang
4.Country: China
5.Beneficiary name: first name jin last name zhou

6.Beneficiary A/C NO. : 628584-0200-07989
7. SWIFT number: BKCH CN BJ 530

Order Number 20091101095834

$495.00 US


1. Western Union

(After you paid, please do give us the MTCN,the payers full name , the amount you have paid, your phone number , your country and your city.)
First name: Cui
Last name(Surname): Hou
City: Nan Yang
ZIP CODE:473000

2.Bank Transfer (T/T)

(1)Bank Name:Bank of China HENAN NanYang branch
(2)Bank Address:NO.118.Baisha ROAD. NANYANG HENAN CHINA

(3)Beneficiary A/C No: 62858-60200-05947

(5)Beneficiary name: (First name: Lu Last name: Lv)
(6)Zip: 473000(Postal Code)

3.Other Payment Method have other payment method:paypal,credit card and more.
Only VIP members can use these. If you want to be vip member, please contact us.
If youre not vip members, please pay by bank transfer or western union|forayt
Dec 9, 2009 01:22
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Useless....Try to keep calling them, email them to give you the items...
Dec 9, 2009 19:11
GUEST16213 I live in Nanyang, Henan.

The bank address is the main bank in town. Sadly, this is small town China, and the police are wee bit corrupt. I would't bother wasting your breath contacting them. I know, sucks.

If you want to contact me further you can do so at:
jel lybea ncha os *at* ho tmail com

But, I don't know I can be much help.

(delete spaces, you know how it works...)
Dec 17, 2009 23:40
GUEST19337 Me too - Forayt said my goods were being held by CIQ and i would have to pay an additional $225 USD to get them released I had already paid 770USD. I was given these details below and

Bank Transfer (T/T)
(1)Bank Name:Bank of China HENAN NanYang branch
(2)Bank Address:NO.118.Baisha ROAD. NANYANG HENAN CHINA
(3)Beneficiary A/C No: 636666-0200-36930
(4)Swift Code: BKCH CN BJ 530
(5)Beneficiary name: (First name: Cui Last name: Hou )
(6).Beneficiary address:No.007 Wen Hua Road .NanYang .HeNan Prov.China
(7).Zip code:473000
(8).City: Nanyang
(9).Country: China
(10).Phone number:008613592590795
Jan 17, 2010 10:07
GUEST15114 I paid them and once they got the money they just dont send you anything. I will go to china if i have to get my product. for the time been i email them a 100 times a day, and will try to find a way to close the website.
Jan 19, 2010 01:40
GUEST21569 Yes I got ripped off too, I too want to go there and get my money back or even my laptop I ordered...
Jan 24, 2010 08:28
GUESTLIZ yes? I got caught with exactly the same thing...same details...i was sent an email from my friend so i thought...she did not even send it....anyway how can i report...i know the money is gone..but this really makes me angry.
Jan 24, 2010 08:41
GUEST44158 I feel absolutely revolted by Forayt...I have mailed everybody I know about the scam...Websites...They should be stopped...and their head chopped off...I am still angry....I was given exactly the same information as all of you....they will not talk...ignore....they do not exist...but when i go at the end of this year i will be working their for 3 years...i am going to look them up...they are disgusting!
Jan 25, 2010 07:40
GUEST15284 BEWARE!! the website are the same, It's a fake company
I have send a transfer to:
Bank Wire transfer information:
Bank name :Bank of China Nanyang branch
Address : No.08,xinhua Road, Nanyang Henan China
A/C holder's name : Geng lai Zhang
A/C No. : 628574020005453
Swift code : BKCHCNBJ530

They don't answer my emails and think I have lost my money.
Jan 26, 2010 15:43
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Hello everyone ,

I too was robbed by some Chinese *** in Nanyang Henan.
details as follows :

From company : Velemobi
Website :

Total Price: 1525 EUR or 2210 USD
> we will deliver your product to you by EMS as soon as possible.
> Then you will get it in 4-6 days.

> Payment method: Western Union
> (After you paid, please do give us the MTCN,the
> payer's full name , the amount you have paid, your phone number , your
> country and your city.)
> First name: Xian Di
> Last name(Surname): Zeng
> Nation:China
> City:NanYang
> ZIP CODE:473000
> Address: NO.89 of Industrial Road, NanYang HeNan China
Feb 3, 2010 09:32
GUEST96193 It happened to me also, they are criminals,im using interpol police to catch those bastards.
The site is, DO NOT BUY A THING,its SCAM! I've lost 520 EUR, they are always giving excuses and that i have to pay cause of the items smuggling by local customs! I'm going to shutdown that website for good!

Here's the information they give

Payment£º Bank Transfer (T/T)

(2)BANK ADDRESS:NO.89 of Industrial Road, NanYang HeNan China
(3)A/C account name:
first name: Yong Sheng
Last name: Xia
(4)Bank Number: 628573020003219
(6)Zip: 473000(Postal Code)

Order Date£º 2010-1-5 5:59:59

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