Fly or train? Chengdu, Emei Shan, Kunming
Mar 3, 2005 20:16
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I was just wondering, is Emei Shan along the train route of Chengdu - Kunming. And if so is it logical to get the train from Chengdu, stop at Emei Shan and then on the train again for Kunming?

If anyone has any knowledge of price/timetable that would be fantastic.

I'm also interested in any flights between Chengdu and Kunming?

Mar 3, 2005 21:27
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Hey Fran,

from Chengdu to Emeishan/Leshan(big Buddha, DaFo) Express trains are said to take two hours, others three hours with a Hard Seat charge of 7Kuai, but I did not experience it myself.

I would recommend taking the bus from Xinanmen busstation next to the Traffic Hotel in Chengdu. Its fast because of the express highway, but I don? remember the exact fare.
My LP is too old, it says buses to Emeishan leave from Ximen station, but last time I was at the Xinanmen station where I could get the bus, too.
(I failed to go there in the end because I got a little bit sick;-)

(For Chengdu-Chongqing busses are way superior to trains - because of the express highway triangle. I read some posts on this board where train was recommended. But today the connection by bus is better(faster and cheaper)......I know you did not ask for this info:-)

Mar 3, 2005 23:20
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Thankyou my boy,

Always nice to get extra information. All very valuable as always.

Still looking for flight knowledge, if anyone can help, what I do will all depend on how much time I have when I'm there.

Mar 4, 2005 09:46
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CA4415 07:55 09:05 .23.56. US$78
3U8661 08:25 09:25 1234567 US$78
3U8663 12:45 13:55 .2.4.6. US$78
CA4413 14:00 15:15 1234567 US$78
MU5964 14:15 15:15 1.345.7 US$78
MU5964 14:15 15:15 .....6. US$78
MU2405 15:55 17:05 US$78
MU2405 15:55 17:05 .2.4.6. US$78
CA4451 16:45 18:00 ..3.... US$78
CA4451 17:20 18:35 .....6. US$78
MU5848 17:55 18:55 .2..... US$78
MU5848 18:40 19:40 ....5.. US$78
3U8665 21:15 22:15 1234567 US$78
CA4411 21:50 23:05 1234567 US$78
MU5850 22:50 23:50 1234567 US$78
From the left to right: Flight No., Departure Time, Arrival Time, Day and Price
Mar 5, 2005 10:14
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That's really helpful thankyou. sorry, but I can't quite work out what day each flight is or are those flights everyday?

Thanks again
Mar 7, 2005 11:54
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Do u see all the 12356 or 3,5 behind those ETA?
1 stands for Monday
You got to get familiar with this since almost all the flight schedules are written like this.
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