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Feb 5, 2010 03:45
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This is my first post and I hope the board admins pardon the somewhat business/professional nature of my posting.

I am looking to contact a travel and business assistant in PRC who is fluent in English, has experience sitting thro business meetings and feels comfortable in whirlwind tours of industrial establishment.

I have been visiting PRC since 2002 and can actually get by without having a local aide. Its not too difficult nowadays to travel around PRC as it was some years ago when it was hard to find an English speaker.

Usually most companies have an English interpreter. However, I need a person who will go BEYOND just interpreting. I am looking for a smart person who can convey to me the overall sentiment of a business encounter and not just what was spoken on the table. Further, that person should be my local “ears-on-the-ground” when I am not in PRC. This could involve follow up interactions with the companies I deal with.

I operate in engineering field. I welcome contact with all genders but slightly favor a male as they are just a little bit more flexible. Specific instance when having a male aide is advantageous is the post dinner drinking sessions which is largely a one-upmanship game in Chinese business culture. One needs to muster the most troops and having a male in your team can come handy.

However, it doesn’t mean that being a female is a deal breaker. The bottom line is – I am looking for a capable business aide in PRC who is energetic and smart, willing to travel, maintains trust and manages situation as they emerge. I prefer someone from Jiangsu province as most of my traveling is around there.

In return I promise a premium experience and an enriching friendship besides a healthy bonus.

BTW I am an Indian and would urge people with racial feelings to overlook this request. Thank you.

I welcome response from people who can support my stated goals. Please leave your brief description with an email ID below and I shall contact with my official email ID.
Feb 23, 2010 21:50
GUEST10888 It's quite the long post, would you have a look at the following link:
Feb 26, 2010 00:27
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hello.i am very interested in the post and i am a professional translater and have been doing assistant for some year.
get back to me if there is still an vacancy,|cativa1125
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