Learning Chinese in Haikou
Mar 22, 2010 13:18
guest40588 My wife and I have some questions regarding learning English in Haikou. Does anyone know of universities that teach Mandarin to foreigners in Haikou? If so what have you heard with regard to good/bad experiences and living in Haikou in general. I saw online something called PLS. They teach Mandarin however, it seemed only on a temporary basis and fairly expensive. I would like to learn Mandarin over the course of 6 or 8 semesters or more.

Does China have a similar program like Taiwan: you enroll at least 10 hrs a week and can extend your visa indefinitely? Also, if I am enrolled, of course I want to be with my family; will the visa cover my wife and son, or does my wife also have to be enrolled in order to stay with me in China? Thanks
Aug 20, 2010 00:21
GUEST84641 Hi, I am currently learning Mandarin at the HPLS in Haikou. I checked with the Universities in Haikou and Wenchang but found the school here was much cheaper. Most students are only here for a few weeks, however there are a few students like me who are staying for 12 months or longer.

Haikou is less developed than other major cities in China. So tuition, accomodation, and food are much cheaper however there's not a great deal to see and do here. If your here to learn Chinese its a good cheap place but if you want to travel and see China, then maybe one of the tourist cities on the mainland is better.

Normally you just apply for a 90 day tourist visa, then when you arrive the school / university will sponsor you for a study visa. I'm not sure how the visa would work with your child but if you email HPLS (or any other language school) they can explain the process to you.
Sep 16, 2010 01:52
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how about Hainan University? I heard there is Chinese Language Program, with short term or long term. I would like to learn Chinese in Haikou too, but still confuse to decide which school is have the best price. How much tuition fee in HPLS for 1 month? If you guys have information, please send email to me,|iwan_27585, thanks
Sep 19, 2010 23:27
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I've personally found that learning online was better than taking classes in person. Even more so now that I want to travel China a bit and don't want to postpone my learning. I've been using C2Say and have found their instructors very good. Learning Chinese is a must for me while I live here, and would definitely recommend C2Say to you. Either way, best of luck in your learning experience!
Feb 9, 2011 13:03
GUEST27189 i am willing to help people who wanna learn chinese in haikou for free.
since i come home for vacation, i have nothing to do here in haikou.
i used to live in canada, so i should no communication problems.
but honestly i dont have any teaching experience before. please leave a message if you are interesting.
Feb 9, 2011 23:05
Hainan is a great place to live- great weather, clean, fresh air, not overly developed industrially like the rest of China.
I've only heard of Hainan uni and I think it is relatively cheap compared to universities in the bigger cities like Shanghai and Beijing.Don't know anything about the teaching there. The only problem about living in Haikou might be using your Chinese outside of class because the people in Hainan speak mandarin with a strong accent quite different from what is considered 'standard' by most Chinese people.
May 23, 2011 19:20

I have been to Haikou twice now and am seriously considering moving there to teach English, however, I know nearly no Mandarin but I am a good learner.
I would like to make good acquittance from Haikou before I move there.
Hopefully you are still available to further discuss this.

my email is|mike_best21.
Feel free to contact me directly.


Jun 10, 2011 19:57
GUEST92153 Hi Mike (and others),

If you are in Haikou and interested in meeting other expats, we have a group that meets weekly at Coffee World in Guomao Wednesdays around four. It's very informal, just chatting over coffee. Kids very welcome!

Hope to see you there.

Sep 2, 2011 06:09
GUEST20669 i am a colleage student with good english.if you want,i can be your chinese teacher,or your family's chinese private teacher.if you want,call me for details.18976862722
Nov 12, 2011 21:50
GUEST25384 Hi all,

I am currently back from oversea and living in Haikou. I am good in english and have profound knowledge in chinese history and culture. If you like, I can teach you chinese and hope we can be friend as well.

You can reach me at:13876984726

Bill Ho
Dec 14, 2011 13:09
GUEST08228 HI All

I would like to move to Haikou in 2012. Im looking for an English teaching position. If any one can direct me in the right direction, please email me|mail

Thanks a mil
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