Chinese Wedding Rituals
May 5, 2010 05:02
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Weddings, especially wedding banquets, are a part of Chinese culture most often seen by Westerners. Westerners are often surprised that a Chinese wedding is little more than a reception. Brides dressed in white, grooms dressed in suits, Canon in D processional music, and numerous other surface artifacts have been incorporated into the wedding banquet. This can leave the impression that Chinese weddings have adopted Western behaviors, or maybe even Western values, or maybe the world is flat, or whatever nonsense you can think of. In fact, the banquet is only one part of the wedding ceremony. It is an important part, but a part that can be executed in an infinite number of ways. It just needs to be done. The other parts of the wedding also need to be completed, but they are out of site of most foreigners. In this episode, Clyde follows the groom and bride through their day of ritual. The video ends up at a huge banquet, with some very mainstream values that include loud syncopated noise (music), lots of food, plenty of beer, and pole dancing.
The commercial aspect of the wedding, outside of the banquet, is limited. One of the key paid aspects is the matchmaker, who plays a central role throughout. Although our couple met on their own, a matchmaker runs the whole process with an emphasis on following all required rituals. In the video, she can often be seen directing participants in the correct behaviors. Being married has its legal side, at the courthouse, and the ritual side, at the family temple. In this video, we see the central role of the family temple. These are not just some decorated rooms, but rather central parts of Chinese culture. The values observed here are core to Chinese culture and vital for anyone interested in studying Chinese consumers.

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