Moving to Chongqing
Mar 18, 2005 01:18
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Hello, I am new to this board. It is very likely that my wife and I will be moving to Chongqing late summer of 2005. I am looking for websites/resources to find out about the housing options there. Also, the availability of high speed internet access. Any other resources that you may suggest would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Mar 18, 2005 09:26
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You want to rent an apartment or want to purchase?
As to internet access, you dont have to worry about it. Internet is highly widespread in China even in small villages.
Mar 19, 2005 01:03
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Thanks for the response. Eventhough this would be a multi year assignement I think we would look to rent. Is renting a house with a courtyard a possibility? Or are apartments (high rises) the norm?
Mar 22, 2005 14:00
  • DEE0228
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Normally people live in apartments in China, and very few could afford a house with a courtyard.
Now, many residential areas in China are designed beautifully and the environment is delightful, i think you may easily find one in Chongqing.
Apr 1, 2005 03:34
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There is so many apartments in urban city,and the price is about from RMB500(30 square m,normally two rooms) to RMB800 or more(60 or more square m, normally four rooms about).Certainly, it is just a very rough describe for cheap apartments and different area with different price. Normally , it is not hard to find an apartment with necessary furniture and be quite clean. Most of the landlords request pay it 3 months once or 6 months once and you must subscribe a contract. The important is , only few house agency can be believed, and they need about RMB50 - RMB100 for serving.
I think you will pay for the water , electric power , nature gas ,internet fee,TV fee and community serving fee yourself.(you can't nearly find where to pay them, so you had better request landlord do these things as your delegate).
If you want to ask more ,please write here or directly send e-mail to me.I will help you try my best :--).I hope you feel happy in this interesting mountain city.
Wen Hao
Apr 1, 2005 04:33
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Wenhao - thanks for the information. Are there internet links that would show some of the aprtments?
Feb 25, 2008 12:04
GUEST22844 hi, i am also thinking about going to chonqing this summer. id like to know, which may be the best way to get in contact with private person, whos providing accomodations? is there any good websites maybe which show some adds or something?

cheers, anton
Feb 26, 2008 04:02
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Just 'google' houses/accommodation to rent in Chongqing and they will come up. Plenty on offer all over the city. Depnds where you'll be working. You Employers are usually the best choice for assistance in all your settling in needs.

Here's a website with good listings that should help give you some idea of what to expect and what locations around the city. It's huge by the way. A good place to live is Jiangbei with a lot of nice new residential estates and many other expats.
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