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Nov 23, 2010 01:50
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When I was a kid , I had a lot of dreams , like being a movie star ,like being a singer , like being a teacher ,like being a white collar (even though I don't know what white collar means ) .When I was a kid , I dreamed a lot , I wished I could grow up soon, I wished I was old enough to tell my parents that I was an adult and I could do whatever I want to do as long as it's right . When I was a kid , I used to sing loudly at home , I used to be very outgoing ,I used to laugh a lot .
But now look at me , I'm not a kid any more , I'm an adult . All thouse fancy dreams gone . All my ambitions disappeared . I 'm afraid to change and try . I like to stick to the status quo . Even though I tell myself that it's OK . I still can't .
All the ideas are different from what I used to think. I know I was naive when I was a kid . But I shouldn't be in that way .Standing in front of my sister and parents , I'm still a kid , they still think that I'm naive and innocent . Sometimes I also feel that way . But I shouldn't be . My parents told me that naive means silly in this competitive world , then I asked myself . The answer is yes .So I told myself stop acting or thinking like kid .I need to change ,change to be mature and better .
Time can change everyone .
Good luck.
Nov 27, 2010 01:58
GUEST01998 Life changes a lot when you grow up and it's not easy to deal with the changes . When we realize the changes ,we are getting used to it . But most of the people like to stick to the status quo. I spent a lot of time at home since I was a kid . My life is all about home and school . I was quite ok with that . Cuase I think a good girl's life is just that .Always be a good girl ,always behave good , always obey the rules .They tell you a good girl should be quiet and you should never ask why, cause it's only makes it hard to fit in .It doesn't matter what you think, what peope think is really important . Life is about making a good model in front of the people .
I always ask myself what is life all about ,there's no exact answer . I never paly internet game , I don't like talk to people with QQ, I used to think that that's the way a good girl should be , just be alone .But now I have doubts . I don't have many friends , I just have a few .I'm different from those who has the same age like me . Sometimes I feel I'm more mature, sometimes I feel I'm more naive . I don't know which is right .
I used to live with goals , but now I have none .It's a bad thing to think highly or lowly about yourself and it's really hard thing to make a balance . I want to be better , but I don't know how . I want to have more friends ,but I'm afraid of making new friends .
Sometimes I think that I should live in the ancient , I don'tknow why. Sometimes I have extreme characters - extreme happy or sad . Sometimes I wondered why I live in this world , I feel so nobody ,but when I think about it again and again, I feel ok. Compared with this world , we are all nobody . I don't really need to care that much . Life will go the right way it is destined to be . I don't know whether there is a destiny , I wish .
Life is what we make it ,right ? I feel like that I lost my direction .Good luck !
Nov 28, 2010 19:09

You said everything i wanted to say...

When you are a kid... you dont worry about so many things, you take risks because you know that your parents are here... they help you. Now you are an adult, you take responsbilitys for yourself. So you prefer to have a bit but you keep it then you say ok i take a risk of loosing everything but maybe gain more. When you said as a kid "i wanna be a movie star" then you said what you feel.. now you think about all the things you need to do and you think "never"

I thought i should be a good boy, my grandmother liked me very much.. gave me sometimes a bit more pocket money because i safed my money... not like my sister.
My parents knew they can let me alone with 7-8 years... because my 2 years older sister we still needed a babysitter at this time..
But in one thing it had been a bit different... i everytime felt that i had to be older then i am.
I had to safe money and couldnt buy candys, be older because my sister, think more in school... i everytime felt like others want me to be older.
Now when i m older.. i wanna be young again, i play around, i try to have a bit fun but because i never really learned how to have fun.. how to talk to people, i dont know how.
QQ i use sometimes. But because i dont have many friends so i cant use it really (and to random girls who are asking me for my number i dont wanna give)
Talking to more then 1 person... is almost impossible for me, because my parents taught me to let people finish there sentence, so i everytime wait.

I often think it would be funnier to be a child again... but the life as an adult can also be interesting... if you just dont worry too much...
Nov 30, 2010 01:51
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I feel the same way like you ,guest 110 .I also have a sister , two years elder than me . When we were kids , I always wanted to save money , but my sister always wanted to spend money . Now we grow up, it's still the same way . I have QQ,but seldom talk , I have several friends .I'm not good talking , but it depends .I wish I could be child again ,then don't need to worry about anything . I know it's a silly idea, but I do wish .
I don't know what I should do now . Being an adult means a lot .
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