Jan 11, 2011 04:36
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Hi, I intend to come to {Beihai,} City, it looks so very lovely; I would like to spend extended time there, teach as a volunteer, and be friends with all.
I would also like to make contact with Happy Sea International Marriage Club if anybody can assist with all their contact details
Look forward to your replies
Jan 12, 2011 19:39
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Looks can be deceiving...Beihi is very small with an even smaller expat community...there is only one expat bar...if it is still open? Only one very polluted swimming beach.The weather in the winter(about 4 months)sucks...rain every day..windy and chilly!That's why I left there 6 years ago
If you are looking for a Chinese wife in Beihi don't worry one will find you quickly enough..they are always on the prowl for fresh meat!

P.S. Do the rest of us teachers a favour..don't work for free...salaries for foreign teachers are already low enough!
Jan 11, 2012 15:17
GUEST39184 My experience is that Happy Sea International Marriage Club is the biggest scam agency in the whole China. Probably all the ladies are made up and all letters made by people in the agency. Good luck...
Mar 29, 2012 14:07
GUEST77177 Yup, I agree unfortunatelyWell I kind of feel your pain guys, I am in Beihai at this momnet and both of the ladies I was to meet mysteriously had to be away for family events all week...this was in EMF's sent the morning of my flight. I kept an alternative/backup on advice of another thread I read a few weeks ago. Thankfully (if I do not get the dreaded day of letter) we are to meet in Wuhan this Sunday. That would make this ordeal better. We are meeting without the agency input though, since it appears that is better. Wish me luck
Dec 21, 2013 21:59
GUEST77940 That's very interesting what guest 77177 wrote. I am finding it rather interesting to be getting a number of letters that all have a familiar ring to them. The majority of them are from the Happy Sea Intn'l Marriage Club. I'm beginning to get the feel that it is a definite scam and I am being setup. I'm curious though as to where do they get all the different women's photos?
Perhaps things have improved since 2012 but I'm beginning to have serious doubts.
I hope it worked out for the best for 77177.
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