tibet travel. need partners
Feb 16, 2011 00:23
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hello everybuddy,
this year in around April, my friend and i plan to visit tibet. this is my friend's second time to tibet, but first time to me. originally we thought of going there around March, but we were told by some agencies that we consulted that this time foreigners are forbidden to enter. is that true? in case, we change our date late to April, but still not fixed. we are from austria, but stay in singapore now.
we both dont like group travel with more than 10 ppl. so our travel is supposed to be an overland travel. and we are gonna hire a SUV car. up to now, we have consulted many chinese agencies from internet and they all told us that the car renting fee will acount most of our expenditure, so some reconmand us to call for partners to split the cost. so that will be cheaper for us ( we just wanna do budget tour). we thought to do the trip by ourselves so as to save money, and we could hitchhike or take bus, but it sounds foreigners can not travel freely in TAR. so we have no other way but to find partners. if we can find another 2 or 3 guys form a small group, that will be not a bad idea to us.
so if u are interested or have similar plan, pls leave me message and we may go together.
aka: we will fly to China late february to visit sm friends, so if are in china that time and have the similar plan, we think we can meet up to discuss more.
welcome any suggestion
Feb 16, 2011 00:51
GUESTDAVE As I konw, the self service travel in Tibet is not opened to the international tourists.
Feb 16, 2011 21:25
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hi guestdave,
av already know the fact that foreigners cannot travel independently. that is why we come here to find fellowers to form a small group. we havent booked any agency until we find enough ppl to fill a suv car. hope we can get smone here
Feb 24, 2011 21:18
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Hi there, I also want to go and visit Tibet someday and I have to say a budget tour sounds perfect to me as I'm not rich at all. But hmm... how many days do you guys plan to visit? Normally it takes about 10 days to visit all the main sites including the base of Mt. Everest. Anyways, I think I'd like to hear your plan first. And if it sounds ok to me, I'd like to give it a go:-)
Feb 24, 2011 21:19
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As for the plan, I'd like to know the days, the budget and the travel itinerary and stuff, if it's not too much to explain first...
Apr 4, 2011 19:29
GUEST38154 Hello!
We are a group of 2 from Australia travelling from Lhasa to Nepal from the 21st of April until the 28th of April. We would love for 2 more people to join us on this trip. If you're interested you can email me:|bwalta,
Warm regards,
Ben & Rose
Apr 28, 2011 06:15
GUEST85750 Hello! We are 2 from Shanghai, planning an overland trip from Qinghai to Tibet, starting May 21. And we are also looking for partners to join.|simplelife0719
Mar 13, 2013 17:49
I am planning to do a Tibet tour of Lhasa, Everest base camp, lake Manasarovar and Kailash kora this year. It's expensive to do it myself or even with one more persion (my cousin may go). Looking for travel mates to lower the cost. Anybody?
Jun 25, 2013 04:23
GUESTRAVI I too have same plans, visit Tibet, mt Evert base camp, mansarovar and Mt Kailash by road or little trek. I am an Indian here and there are couple more friends, all working in Shenzhen. Where u from? have you done some research / inquiry about travel to tibet?
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