What VISA for me?
May 19, 2011 04:57
guest19949 Good morning,

I would like to ask a question regards Visa's to China.

I should explain, me and my wife (she is Chinese) reside in the UK we have two boys under 6 that have UK passports. We are hoping to go to China for 1-2 years, for me to mainly teach and our children experience some time with granny and grandad.

I am not sure which type of Visa I need, I understand that I can apply for a spouse (ish) type visa valid for more than 1 year and then apply once in China for a working visa.

I am not sure how the children of a Chinese national will travel and what they need also.

I can see that this is a busy blog and would greatly appreciate if anyone could offer any advice regards this.

Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to hearing from someone in the know

Kind regards

May 19, 2011 22:56
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Your children can apply for L visa for familt visit because they have a Chinese mother. Just provide their birth certificate, your wife's passport, then the relationship between them can be proved. It is easy for you and children to get a L visa to China. After arrival, you can register your residence at local police station if you want to stay more than 30 days in China.
May 19, 2011 23:04
GUEST25239 Thank you for your help and speedy response ! So I assume there visa can be for as long as they need.

Would I apply under the same visa or would it be easier to get an employer in China to do the Z Visa? which I would rather not as that will tie to me an unknown entity. I would rather get a VISA here in the UK say for 1 year and then sort it out once in China.

I appreciate your time and wonder if you would not mind commenting on this?

Many thanks again
May 20, 2011 01:29
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The L visa for family visit (you and your children can apply for this type of visa now) only allows you to stay in China for 180 days at most. Generally speaking, L visa is single entry, valid for 3 months, permits 30 days stay duration. After reaching China, go to local Exit-Entry Administrative Bureau (出入境管理局) to apply for one year residence permit or L visa for family visit, please take your wife's passport, household registration sheet and Chinese national ID card. It is up to the visa officer. Then you can find a job in China during this period, once your employer get the Alien Employment License and Official Invitation Letter issued by Foreign Affairs Office, you have to return to UK or go to Hong Kong to apply for a China Work Visa, then go to Mainland China and apply for 1 year Residence Permit for Employment.

Now, if you have not found a job in China, you can't apply for Z visa in UK. Z visa is single entry, valid for 3 months, XXX stay duration, you have to apply for 1 year Residence Permit for Employment within 30 days after entry by holding Z visa.
May 20, 2011 01:34
GUEST25239 Thank you for your reply, that was very useful: I will get a job first and then the Z Visa before I go. My boys will get the L visa which there mum will apply for

Thank again for your help
May 23, 2011 00:19
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Hi, GUEST25239, both u and ur kids can apply l visa to come to china ,nomally each stay for 30days , then i think the easy way to get longer visa is family l visa. if the birth certificate and marriage certificate were issued in uk, i advice u go to emmabssy of china to certify . some cities in china, like beijing ,the immigration office .some time they need it .
and btw ,which city u will stay in china . if in beijing ,for working visa, u should show ur BA degree(orginal )and 2years working expirence certificate , u can take them with u. later ,no need waste to post from uk .if u have any question ,u can email me :|ivy.visaservice
Good luck to u !
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