Best way to bring your wife into the U.S.
Aug 13, 2011 22:14
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There are many ways to bring your wife into the States. I've tried a couple, was told many more. Some legal some risky with repercussions.
First you don't need a lawyer unless you have money to throw away. To many mistakes are made by lawyers who don't really care about you. It's his secretary that is doing all the work.
I would like to know what the deal is with getting your future wife a Tourist Visa and marrying her after she comes over.
What are the legalities? It seems a lot of people are doin this.
Dan S

Aug 14, 2011 10:13
GUEST19140 First Dan, congratulations.

Now, getting a tourist visa to the USA, for a single, young Chinese woman is almost impossible. UCSIS suspects that every applicant for a tourist visa wants to immigrate to the USA, even though the USA is not economically attractive to middle class Chinese as it once was.

here are two better ways to bring her over here:
1. Marry her in China, then apply to bring her to the USA.
2. Apply for a fiancee visa, then marry her in the USA within 90 days after her arrival.

You can do it without a lawyer. You just have to be organized and effiecient. Research everything before starting and you'll have a smooth ride. I did #2 and it worked fine.
Aug 14, 2011 12:36
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Thank you matchmaker you have answered my question. You have to wait and go through the eight plus months for a fiancee Visa. Or risk getting a tourist Visa and have your wife deported or put on the black list. If you pick her up from a tourist group, she will lose her 10,000 RMB deposit in China and half her round trip ticket. Hard to out fox immigration these days with Homeland security picking up everything also.
Nov 24, 2011 23:43
GUEST09899 Hi. Hope all is working out for you. I am in China and have been told I need to marry here and then fly to Guangzhou to file a I-130 document for my spouse. They say the application process takes 2-4 months and then she can get her visa to join me in the states. So far I have not been able to get an appointment to see anyone at the Guangzhou Embassy. My perspective bride wants to marry very soon and I have suggested going the fiance route. I am 68 and she is 33 so I have many reservations. No offense, but your picture seems to depict an age difference also. I wonder if you can help with the I-130 situation... I cannot seem to get an appointment... and I wonder how you feel about the age difference and life in the states with your Chinese lady. Mine is certainly no gold digger, but she has no skills to support herself and I worry about her once I am dead... ouch

Nov 24, 2011 23:47
GUEST09899 Can you tell me anything about actually getting to talk with some one about The I-130 application? I have the form and may get married soon, but I am unable to arrange an appointment to file the form and pay the fees in Guangzhou. That information seems to be non-existent on their website.

Thanks ... John
Nov 28, 2011 08:55
GUEST10172 Gov't forms, of all kinds, come with instructions, and that's it. If you don't understand them or if you need additional information, you need to contact a lawyer, that's how they make a living.
Oct 16, 2016 12:24
GUESTART I would like to communicate with with you. We are in a similar situation,

Jun 20, 2017 18:10
GUEST79169 I married my wife in China and have filed a l-130 they tell me it will take 2 years are longer before they will process it is there another way to get her here
Mar 25, 2019 22:35
GUEST03215 What a racket the US Gov is running... the entire process involved with bringing a spouse to America is absolutely ridiculous. If you're a US citizen, living (or long term visiting) in China, marry in China, be it newlyweds or a decade of marriage, and then wish to move to America.. first you have to prove you have a home and income in America (minimum 125% of the poverty level) to support you both, which pretty much eliminates 90% of everyone under the age of 30 / over 65, retirees, disabled etc. etc. from getting a green light. You can do everything by the book, shell out a few grand in fees and expenses, wait around for a year or two and still be denied if you fall into any of the above categories or the officer on duty is having a bad day. And you can completely forget about getting a tourist visa for even a short visit. Not gonna happen, because EVERYBODY is up to no good and actually really wants to live and work in America! Pathetic.
Dec 24, 2019 20:51
GUEST15796 lets face it, the usa government only cares about the $1500 in fees. as if theyre actually worried about foreigners exploiting public assistance. even if someone does immigrate and use public assistance, the sponsor is reSPONSible for paying it back! a simple signature or credit card on file should do, right?! nope can do. american citizens are not to be trusted like that. LOL.. as if anyone in their right mind would ever want to immigrate for the sake of living in a homeless shelter on skid row eating off of food stamps and receiving horrendous free clinic quality medical care ffs. what a joke!
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