Panlong Gorge
Aug 28, 2011 22:36
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Will be visiting Zhaoqing in Nov and will be staying near the Seven Star Crags Scenic Area.
Would like to visit Panlong Gorge, how can we get there ? By bus or taxi ? How far away is Panlong Gorge from where we will be staying ?
How much time would we need for this place, half a day ?
Aug 29, 2011 02:01
GUESTDAVE The Seven Star Crags is in Zhaoqing while the Panlong Gorge is in Deqing, which are about 90 kilometers away from each other. People usually stay half a day in the Panlong gorge.
From Seven Star Crags to Panlong Gorge: you can take a taxi or bus to reach zhaoqing railway station, then change to a bus to Deqing in about 2 hours. After arriving, take a tourism bus from Deqing General Bus station to reach Panlong Gorge. The bus leaves at 0830,1030, 1330 and 1530.
Aug 29, 2011 21:31
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Hi Dave,
Thank you for your info. Would appreciate if you could help on my queries below:

1) Could you tell me more about the tourist sightseeing bus from Deqing to reach Panlong Gorge ? You mention "The bus leaves at 0830,1030, 1330 and 1530", is this the schedule for the sightseeing bus ?
2) How long will it take to reach Panlong Gorge ?
3) Are there any other attractions in Deqing which you would recommend ?
4) Does it make sense for us to make a day trip to Deqing and back to Zhaoqing on the same day ?
Or should we stay a night in Deqing ? We need to go to Zhuhai after Zhaoqing, is Deqing nearer to Zhuhai ? Any bus from Deqing to Zhuhai ?
5) Lastly, would the hotel in Zhaoqing has such 1 day trip to Panlong Gorge ?

We are planning to visit Zhaoqing in late Nov with my two teenage daughters.

Aug 30, 2011 01:56
GUESTDAVE 1) Yes, it’s the schedule of the sightseeing bus I found on the official web of Panlong Gorge.
2) Panlong Gorge is about 28 kilometers away from the Deqing County. It takes about an hour to travel by bus. If you miss the bus and don’t want to wait the next one, you can consider about taking a taxi. The taxi fee is about rmb60.
3) There are many sites to see and activities to do inside the Panlong Gorge Scenic Area like waterfalls, rafting… Outside the scenic area, there are Longmu Temple, Sanyuan Pagoda and Confucian temple.
4) It is possible to make a day trip if you depart early that day. Zhaoqing is a little closer to Zhuhai than Deqing and there are more buses running to Zhuhai from Zhaoqing than Deqing. The bus from Deqing to Zhuhai departs at 0830.
5) There should be one day trips to Deqing from Zhaoqing. You can consult the travel agencies in Zhaoqing after arrival.
Aug 31, 2011 08:34
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Information on Panlong Gorge is really helpful. Thanks.
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