2 days Shanghai to Huangshan and back?
Sep 29, 2011 22:31
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I have limited time in China, so I am trying to make most of it.

I only have 2 days to visit Huangshan. Is the following doable:

Day 1. leave on the bus from Sha at 6:30 am, arrive at Tunxi and get to Taiping Cableway. Questions - how do I get from Tunxi to the cableway? What time should I expect to reach the Purple Cloud Station at?

I plan to leave my bag at a hotel and do the West Sea to the bottom and get back to the hotel (approx 3-4 hours?)

What hotel would you recommend? It should be in the Purple Cloud Station area so that I am able to leave my backpack and hike the West Sea right away.

Day 2. Wake up around 4:30 and prepare for sunrise. What would be the best place to see the sunrise? Start descent to Tangkou - what route would you suggest?

Get on the bus from Tangkou to Shanghai, what are the departure times? I must be in Shanghai early enough to get on the 8pm D train to Beijing.

thanks for your help or any ideas (West Sea and gorgeous sunrise is a must :)))
Oct 8, 2011 01:26
GUESTDAVE Day one: you can take the city bus from Tunxi to Tangkou, then change to the shuttle bus of the scenic area to the Taiping cable car station. You may arrive at the cable station in the afternoon. Around 1500, I guess, for it takes about 6.5 hours from Shanghai to Tunxi by bus.
It's impossible for you to do the West Sea to the bottom, which takes about 5-6 hours. It's very dangerous there at night. Actually, two days are too tight to do the West Sea Grand Canyon, especially when you want to go back to shanghai before 2000 in the second day. You'll find some hotels upo arrival, cheap or expensive. Choose one per your request.

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