Chinese and marriage
Oct 1, 2011 02:21
guestRaw and real Before any abuse begins this is not necessarily my opinion but from many discussions I have had with many Chinese women and foreign men around China and I would like to hear your thoughts about it. It is real and raw so many will dislike the content but as stated this is from discussions not a personal opinion.

Most Chinese women are gold diggers, they worship money which is the biggest reason they go for a foreigner. How many Chinese will go out with a non Chinese who is in poverty, not seen anything or anyone yet have you?

They have no real useful life skills, put them in a deserted island and no one will know what to do but put them in a shopping plaza and they could spend their life there.

No Chinese woman in China marries or dates a non Chinese person for love and that is the absolute truth. It comes down to money, get out of China and make children who will look 'special' especially the color thing. Deep down Chinese women don't love foreigners but it is a ticket out of China so why not. Of course foreign men will deny this but you know the truth how many Chinese women really settle with a foreigner in China and how many leave or want to leave. Unless the foreigner has a great job in China which offers a lavish lifestyle and plenty of incentives for the Chinese female who can travel abroad then come back and boast about what she did, bought and saw etc.

Chinese families get a high honor of prestige and more face if their daughter was to marry a foreigner, move abroad, make and send money home, have bi-racial children, brag about life away from China, visit China and stick up her nose and fake to be non Chinese and eventually have the family move abroad. It comes down to showing off look what I have and that I am better than you.

Now these are opinions I have heard from Chinese women mainly and some foreign men. The common thing Chinese women said was that foreigners come to China because everything here is easier including women who fall head over heels for the money and lifestyle a non Chinese offers.

Foreign men know exactly what Chinese women want and need to they take what is offered.

What are your thoughts and opinions.
Oct 2, 2011 04:51
GUEST41180 Many Chinese, or their parents, can remember the austerity of the revolution period. They are also well aware that unlike many countries in the west, there is no automatic state aid to help the unemployed or retired. Many Chinese employers have a vary ageist and sexist attitude to employing women. Divorce in China is also relatively easy and little legal assistance is provided for ex wife or child maintenance. Perhaps these are the reasons why a woman needs to ensure that the man she marries can provide a reasonable life for her and her children?

Don't presume all Chinese or Asian women are the same. Some of us found Chinese partners who admittedly are very careful with money, but who are very loving wives.
Oct 14, 2011 08:19
GUEST56126 Many of your statements are only half true and some are false.

Example: To say that "No Chinese woman in China marries or dates a non Chinese person for love and that is the absolute truth" is pretty irresponsible.

Can you or who ever said it, back it up? Of course not.

Nov 7, 2011 07:52
GUESTBRIAN L... I am retired and intend to marry a Chinese lady very soon and, reside in her hometown. How much should i have in a Chinese Bank Account, for the authorities to allow this.
Many thanks
Brian Luckett
Jun 27, 2012 18:13
GUEST65098 My best friend in the US had a bad experience marrying a Taiwanese woman. She wanted money but pretended to 'love' him until they married. He met her online in an international dating service. She fooled him completely. Worse yet, she abused him by spitting on him in public, hitting him with her fists when driving and he could not defend himself. She was only happy when he took her shopping or on vacations. At home she argued, yelled and berated him daily. She hit him with small appliances and a board when he turned his back to her. He was struck over the head by her and had to have surgery so he could hear out of one ear again. She apologized, promised never to hurt him again, but over and over it happened. After a few years he gave up and left her. In the end she admitted she married him for money. Very sad situation because he is a tender, compassionate guy and now he is broken and going to counselor in US for healing.
Jun 28, 2012 02:47
GUEST98137 Sad story but the reason she was like that was not because she was Taiwanese/Chinese. I've heard similar stories concerning women from other nationalities.........and also about men who marry Asian women for "other" reasons.
Jun 29, 2012 17:16
GUEST65098 Yes, an abuser can be from any country.

My warning has to do with the expectations that many American men have concerning Asian women, probably due to movies and TV portrayals. The typical expectation in my area of the US is that Asian women are tiny, sweet, willing to please, easy to live with.

My friend, who is a gentle giant kind of guy, thought he was going to have a quiet, happy and loving relationship with his new wife. She appeared to be so during the email courting and when he arrived in Tw to meet her in person.
Sep 5, 2012 21:41
GUEST61862 I believe that if you have enough money and time you can meet the right woman. My experience was bad. More like Las Vegas style. I only had a certain amount of money. I put it all on red. She was in my house for 9 months. Then I had enough
Aug 30, 2013 06:06
GUESTNOVO AMIGA Any poor person from a developing country meeting a person from a developed country can be easily regarded as gold diggers
Apr 30, 2019 08:35
GUEST54115 In China, golddiggers are prevalent in all socioeconomic classes. Everywhere else, it's usually the poorer class.
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