How does an American Man Marry a Chinese Woman?
Jan 7, 2012 17:07
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Hello, I am an American Man and I am about to marry a Chinese woman. I would like to know what I and her need to do to get married. I have been searching online and every website I found said something different. I would like this to run as smooth as possible for me and her both.

Also, is it better to get married in China or America? She also has a child, does that make a difference? We will be living in American after everything is all sad and done.

Thanks for the help
Jan 8, 2012 01:32
GUESTDAVE I don't know where is better for you to get married. But I found a useful official website:
Hope it helpful and congratulations!
Jan 8, 2012 10:55
GUEST13063 First, congratulations!

Nobody can answer the question about where to get married, because every case is different. I think that getting your bride-to-be and her child over here on a K visa is a faster way of doing it. If you don't run into difficulties she can be here in as little as 8 months. And once they're here, you guys have 90 days to get married (even a 10 minute marriage Las Vegas style is acceptable). After that you will have to apply for a green card and change of status.

If her child is younger than 18, it makes no difference.

Remember: don't make any mistakes on the applications and don't omit anything that may cause delays. If you are organized you can do it yourself. Good luck.

Check visa journey dot com.
Sep 12, 2014 06:42
GUESTMARK I'm legally divorced I have 7 children, all are over 18. I'm an American citizen and I want to marry my Chinese girlfriend, she has a daughter that is older than 18.All the children are on there own, hers and mine. Here in America, when I look on the internet I get conflicting information, about the requirements to marry. Can someone tell me what we need to do and if she comes to America what VISA she needs. Thank you. . After we get married we will go back to China. I also need to know if we have to marry again in China and what are the requirements.

May 9, 2015 02:37
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It doesn't matter where you get married, international marriages are recognized by nearly all countries. I married my wife in Zhanjiang, but there was not problem with the US recognizing it.
Jul 18, 2015 22:19
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Best to get married in the USA, as it is possible for Immigration to still refuse her a visa.
Jul 18, 2017 13:19
GUESTTOM I married a chinese woman and it has been the biggest mistake of my life and I have been married before but this by far is the most stressful, disrespectful (her to me) and demeaning experience of my life. If you are older like me just keep in mind if they don't get what they want your life will be miserable. I had to go back to work after retirement because of all the money it costs to take care of her. She spent my entire pension and now that the money is gone she is packing to leave as well. Don't make the same mistakes I did. DO NOT MARRY A CHINESE woman, they just want to spend ALL YOUR MONEY, they are psychotic, rude and mentally and physically abusive. You will go broke and be left alone anyway. I can't tell you enough how much I regret this marriage and decision. Can't even figure out how to afford to divorce her. I could tell you more but I only get so many characters here. At least read this twice and then think twice and think hard. hopefully you won't make the same mistakes I did.
Jan 17, 2019 16:12
GUEST88367 What about most assets are in the Chinese citizen's name only(the woman). The apartment paid in full, renovations to a business property and the apartment, most likely a sizable savings. The husband is an expat. Does this sound concerning?
Nov 28, 2020 13:10
GUEST67250 I married a Chinese citizen that has worked in Saipan North Mariana Island she had a son in North Mariana Island never married My ship 4 months met & married applied for her a green card 31/2 years ago had interview still no green card I was born in US An American citizen She lost her job in July because of COVID how long can she live in Saipan while waiting for her green card
Jan 22, 2021 19:15
This is an old post so unsure if its still being followed, but I have to say that I married a Chinese woman 4 years ago and she has been the single best human being in my life. We are still like newlyweds. I think there are positive and negative people in every country, state and city, probably. Don't make the mistake of assigning a negative to a nationality. People are still individuals. I'm not like every other American, or every man, or every white male. We all have personality aspects that may fit with another, even if that other is from a totally different culture. My lady Mei did not speak English, nor did I speak Chinese when we met, but we've continued to grow and evolve into a more loving and compatible couple than anyone I have been with in my native land.

May 5, 2021 21:52
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now it`s hard to marry with girl located in chinese main cities, the cost of marraige may be up to $300000, hah
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