Rock-paper-scissors:Boy picked scissors, Girl picked paper
Mar 27, 2012 11:00
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There are a couple of lovers who have been together since high school and loved each other deeply. They went to the same university in the USA. There was a maniac killer in the city who only kills beloved couples. One day, this couple was caught by the psycho killer and was tied on a machine. Within one minute, they would be cut in half (just imagine the way in the horror SAW series). The only way to escape/survive is to play a “rock-paper-scissors” game, and who ever wins gets to escape. They decided to both throw rock so that they could die together because they loved each other so deeply.
The end is that the boy threw scissors, and the girl threw paper.. So as the rule of the game, Scissors cut Paper, the girl died.
This is a story spread widely among the Chinese web forums and blogs.

What makes this “rock-paper-scissors” game special is the participants are a couple of lovers. The Chinese bloggers are interesting about making various speculations about the two lovers’ motives and psychological leveling for their final displaying of gestures.
There are three popular comments shown as follows. Which one do you believe is the truth? Which scenario can you identify with?

Due to the maximum character limit for each item, I have to present the explanation for each item in details as follows:

(Girl is selfish, boy is selfless)
The boy chose scissors to lose to her rock as he wanted her to live. The girl is selfish, she throw paper out of her motive to escape.

(Boy is selfless, girl is more selfless)
The boy chose scissors to lose to her rock as he wanted her to live. The girl understood the boy very well that he would for sure pick the scissors so she picked paper to die for him.

(Girl is selfish, boy is more selfish)
The girl threw paper because she wanted to live. The boy knew that the girl would for sure choose paper so he just chose scissors to beat her paper so that he could escape.

Apr 1, 2012 02:43
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Is it rue or just a story? If it is true, the boy must know why he threw scissors.
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