Alone...sort of.
Apr 29, 2012 12:02
guest33201 Hello everyone.
I am planning a two-week trip to Zhengzhou this September... Now, the thing is that I've never travelled to China or anywhere else with an airplane. And since there's no direct flights to Zhengzhou, my first destination will be Beijing and I'll have around 3 hours before my plane leaves to Zhengzhou. Is Beijing airport confusing, because I don't speak Chinese... And, what is the best way to spend those 3 hours at an airport?
I'm also going alone because no one is free or doesn't want to spend the money -.-
My question is... is it safe in Zhengzhou, because I've read somewhere that it's know for the pickpockets.
I do have a friend that lives there, however, I'm planning to live in a hotel. Any suggestions for cheap and safe hotels?
Another question... How much money should I bring with me, if I plan to go sightseeing only in Zhengzhou and maybe in Xian?
May 1, 2012 23:07
GUEST5242 Better stay inside of the airport in case you are late for your flight. Beijing Capital Airport is large and there are many shops. You may spend your time wandering at these shops.

It is safe in big cities. But you have to be very careful. The pickpockets can be found in many cities. Just take care of your personal belongings.
May 22, 2012 08:20
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for the 3 hours before your next flight, you'd better stay in Beijing airport. Just grab a book and read, time flies very quickly.

and for Zhengzhou, i don't know why you are so fond of that city. I have been there before. Personally, i don't like it very much. However, as long as you can keep alert, nobody could do harm to you. Just keep one thing in mind, never trust strangers easily except policemen like guys. the last time when i was there, i even cheated by a taxi driver, he dropped me in nowhere. But from the whole, Zhengzhou is quite big and beautiful. And also it is a railway transportation hub connect the south and the north of China. So you can go somewhere else from it by train, very convenient.

for the budget,you'd better count 300rmb for a day? I know the cheap hotel there are below 200rmb one night, plus your food and traffic fees, you need about 300rmb a day. So it is about 50 dollars a day, and for 2 weeks, it should be 700 dollars. Since you might need to go sightseeing, so the budget should be at least 800 dollars.

Hope the above is useful for you.

Welcome to China~

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